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After Honey G was eliminated from the X Factor UK 2016 on November 27, 2016, four contestants are now left to slot it out at the semifinals of the singing competition.
Those who are now left for the semifinals in the X Factor UK 2016 are, Saara Aalto, Matt Terry, Emily Middlemas and 5 After Midnight.

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The rapper was sent packing after a tense sing-off with 5 After Midnight last night.
After the November 26, 2016, singing competition, Honey G was found in the bottom and concerted efforts made by Sharon Osbourne to save her was thrown into the winds.

It was speculated immediately after the Saturday competition that those coming up for elimination were Emily Middlemas and Honey G.
But the reverse was the case when 5 After Midnight and Honey G landed at the bottom instead of Emily.
While casting the deciding vote, Simon Cowell said: “I have to do what I think the public would expect me to do in this position, and I also think one of the acts has gone as far as they can go now.”

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Honey G’s elimination has generated a lot of responses from viewers, with some even wishing her to go immediately her name came up for elimination.
Some of their wishes are thus: “Surely it’s Honey G’s turn to go,” another said, “Let’s hope #HoneyG goes tonight it’s about time. Let the talented ones stay (sic)”
And immediately she was eliminated, the following comments by X factor UK 2016 fans ensued: “We’re pleasantly surprised that Simon Cowell actually did the right thing and eliminated Honey all by himself rather than sending the vote to deadlock. Because who knows what horrors might have lurked if the decision had been handed over to viewers”?
“We haven’t been fans of Honey in this live blog, but we have to admit she brought a certain madness to the show, and certainly gave us things to write about each week”.
“But novelty acts usually expire around now, leaving a handful of people who can actually sing to compete in the semi-finals and beyond, so things have gone exactly according to plan”.
Meanwhile, during the season 13 episode 27 of the X Factor UK 2016 competition, Honey G’s performance was overshadowed by a mystery stage invasion after the gang’s leader, Daniel Jarvis posted a video on his Facebook page promising he would make his X Factor debut during the show.
Although some viewers are claiming that the invasion was fake. But Simon Cowell did not buy into such claim.

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