X Factor 2016 Winner Matt Terry Opens Up On His Kiss With Freddie Parker – As X Factor UK 2016 Finals Rates Low

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23-year-old Matt Terry was yesterday announced the X Factor 2016 winner after beating other contestants- Saara (Aalto) and 5 After Midnight.

x factor 2016 winner
See what sparked off the kissing rumor was that after Matt performed his winner’s single – which was written by Ed Sheeran former contestants from the show entered the stage to congratulate the star on his achievement.

Just seconds later, viewers rushed to Twitter to insinuate that they saw Matt kissing ex-contestant – Freddy Parker.
All the same, Matt came up today to tell us that the kiss did not happen.
He told The Sun “I don’t think we kissed,” but he would have been lucky if we did”.
‘Freddy is like my little brother. He’s supported me so much. We hit it off on day one. He was crying his eyes out when I won. But there is no relationship, I’m afraid guys. Sorry about that”.
But while that was happening it was noticed that X Factor star and Matt mentor Nicole Scherzinger planted her lips on him.

x factor 2016 winner
Speaking about his relationship with his mentor he said “Since day one she’s been there with open arms, and she’s made me feel like I can go to her with anything I need, if I have any concerns, and she’s just like ‘I’m your big sister’, and that for me is so refreshing to have that. So I hit the jackpot with you”.
‘Her fun kind of came across to everyone else. I 100 percent would take a record deal if I came out and I think fair play to her.
‘I can only speak for myself, I think she’s one of those people you either grow to or you don’t and she takes it well.
‘I think she’s got respect for it and she’s happy doing what she’s doing and that’s what’s most important’.
Speaking about going into a relationship now, Matt also revealed he was too’ busy for romance’ while speaking with Mail online Matt said he’s been single following a painful split from arts student girlfriend Jasmine Avis earlier this year.
I’ve just come out of a long relationship with my girlfriend, so I feel like now is my time for me to just take that on board and really focus on this’. ‘It’s what I’ve wanted for such a long time so I’m just going to take it with both hands.’
‘I feel like throughout the competition she kind of just grew on people and had so much fun on stage,’ he stated.

X Factor 2016 Finals: Poor Rating

According to The Telegraph report, this weekend’s X Factor, which saw Matt Terry crowned as the X Factor 2016 winner, drew the show’s lowest ever ratings for a series finale, overnight figures confirm.
It was reported that Last night’s episode of X Factor 2016 was watched by 7 million viewers, down 1.4 million on 2015’s final episode. ” Saturday’s episode netted 5.5 million viewers, 400,000 lower than the corresponding episode in 2015.” The Telegraph reports.

What do you think about the X Factor 2016 winner? Do you think someone else should have been the winner?


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