I Will Rather Not Have a Fourth Child If It’s With Scott

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Kourtney has made her stand known as regards having a fourth child with estranged husband Scott Disick.
Towards the end of last Sunday’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians reality TV show, Scott had come up an unexpected bombshell that he wants a fourth child with Kourtney.
He told Malika Haqq that despite not being romantically together with Kourtney Kardashian that he still wants to expand their family by having another child with her.

Haqq had asked Scott and Kourtney while at khole Kardashian’s place “Would you guys have a fourth kid?” Scott immediately replied “Yeah.”
She pressed further “You would?”, Scott stated “M’hmn
She also asked “Wait, would you donate or is this like a strict you gotta lay it down?”.
And Scott replied “Whatever she wants but probably just do it like artificially just so it’s like not weird.”

The next question was specifically directed to Kourtney which is “Did you know that?”.
And she asked “What? That he would? Yes, I know that he would.” “But he has a disrespectful nature these days. To yourself, to me, to your children.”

While Scott admitted , “I definitely think that Kourtney’s got a lot of built-up anger towards me, but at the end of the day, we have three kids together. That’s not going to change. My biggest focus now is learning how to really, legitimately move on and think about doing a lot more with my kids without Kourtney. It’s kind of nice in some sense that there’s no more false hope. It’s just another transition in a very weird part of being together and not being together.”

Malika Haqq also asked whether she is nursing the idea of having all her child with just one man, including a fourth kid, Kourt retorted “I think in that case I’d rather just not have another one.”

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