‘The Voice’ Blind Auditions Night 5 Recap

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The Voice night 5 blind auditions have come and gone, but not without us thrilling you with the night’s performances and selections made by the show’s season 12 coaches Alicia Keys, Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine.
During The Voice night 5 blind auditions, the coaches surprisingly displayed more caution when hitting the big red button, that the likes of Adam Levine even refused to hit the button after a powerful voice performed on stage.

The Voice night 5 blind auditions kicked off with Johnny Gates as he sang “Maggie May” by Rod Stewart. Gates played in a garage band that’s currently on hiatus, where he cited Taylor Swift as one of his musical inspirations though both play different genres.
He has a strong rock voice and vibe, and his audition was a throwback good time. The performance got Shelton, Stefani and Alicia all turned, but not Levine maybe because he already have similar voices in his team.
However, Stefani presented herself as the best choice, while Levine backed her up, hoping Gates wouldn’t choose Shelton, who did promise to make sure Gates would stay in his rock lane if he joined Team Blake, but Gates went for Gwen.
The second performer was Malik Davage. Davage became emotional when talking about his young daughter heading into his audition, delivered a wickedly smooth and confidant performance of “Sure Thing” by Miguel.
It was indeed emotional, and Davage really connected with the words. Levine made the first turn, while Keys and Shelton were both seen contemplating whether to join Levine or not, but they decided not to. More so, Davage still ended the performance in tears. He ended up being in Levine’ team.
Another person to hit the stage for The Voice night 5 blind auditions was Lauryn Judd, a 16-year-old artist with a musical theater and choir background.
She performed “Girls Just Want To Have Fun.” Initially, it didn’t sound like the most exciting song choice, but Judd made it work by singing an acoustic arrangement that slowed things down a bit and really allowed her to showcase her voice. Stefani, Keys and Shelton all turned, impressed by her intricate voice and technical skills. Judd joined Team Alicia.
Also, 20-year-old Paul Adrian took a shot on the stage. Adrian told judges that his late father was a major influence on him, and he sang “I’ve Got A Woman” by Ray Charles, but he was unfortunate not to turn any chairs. The coaches suggested he work on his craft and return next year.
During The Voice night 5 blind auditions a Young artist, Caroline Sky performed “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” by Carole King. Stefani and Shelton both turned, making for another heated but playful faceoff between the couple.
Stefani praised Sky’s control, restraint and confidence. Stefani tried to connect with her on an interpersonal level, while Shelton reminded Sky that he has won the show with young girls before. But Sky joined Team Gwen, giving Stefani another young woman on her team.
Last to grace the stage was a bartender and musician Josh Hoyer who came to The Voice after some financial setbacks with his music career. He sang “Oh Girl” by The Chi-Lites, and it was a really solid audition that led to another Shelton-Stefani faceoff. But this time, Shelton emerged victorious, swaying Hoyer over to Team Blake by playing the “winning team” card.
Meanwhile, two more nights of Blind Auditions will air next week, and the season 12 teams will finally be set.
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