The Voice 2017 Top 11

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One of the contestants of The Voice 2017 has been sent home. We will allow you our readers to figure out who the unfortunate one was while we give out the names of those who made it to The Voice top 11 2017.

The Voice top 11 2017
Last Monday night, each contestant sang live during the show and after their performances, two of the contestants landed on the bottom and they have to work hard during the instant save performance to get saved.

And one thing was sure, one will be saved while one will be sent home.
But those standing the risk of being eliminated were unknown to the other contestants as The Voice didn’t reveal to them and they were all expected to perform for the instant save, until moments to the performance before they will know if they’ll have to perform live to avoid elimination.
However, after the Tuesday night instant save performances the following contestants emerged as The Voice top 11 2017.
– Aliyah Moulden (Team Blake Shelton)
– TSoul (Team Blake)
– Vanessa Ferguson (Team Alicia Keys)
– Stephanie Rice (Team Alicia Keys)
– Hunter Plake (Team Gwen Stefani)
– Mark Isaiah ( Team Adam Levine )
– Jesse Larson ( Team Adam Levine )
– Lilli Passero (Team Adam Levine )
– Brennley Brown (Team Gwen Stefani)
– Chris Blue (Team Alicia Keys)
– Lauren Duski (Team Blake Shelton)
Recall that on Monday night, Twelve singers were still in the competition at the beginning of the night.
Consequently, the results revealed two singers in danger of being sent home.
So with the names The Voice top 11 2017, above you can easily figure out the contestant that was sent packing last night.
Preparing for the unknown, before the elimination performances, some of the contestants expressed their worries, fears and their preparation towards the elimination night.
Below was what they said:
Vanessa Ferguson : “I’m going home to work on this song right after this is over!”
Stephanie Rice: “No one ever knows what’s going to happen, and like [Vanessa] said, I’m going back to the hotel room and starting to learn a new song.
Hunter Plake: “I’m just looking forward to hanging out tomorrow. It’s going to be a lot of fun and I think I’m just taking it day by day right now. I’m not really worried about tomorrow right now. I’m just thinking about what happened [on Monday night] because I could be gone tomorrow or I could be here until the end. That’s my attitude going into this.”
Troy Ramey: “I agree [with Hunter]. This is all such an overwhelming and fast-paced situation that I think that all of us have kind of figured out that we need, really, to try to just enjoy the moment and not get too ahead of ourselves. Everything moves so quickly, but obviously, if the time comes and we’re going to need to perform that song, we’re going to be ready for it because we’ve been preparing really hard this whole week, so we’re ready for anything.”
Aliyah Moulden : “I think just praying and pushing cause you never know what America is going to want. You have to hope for the best and practice. You never know — it could be you on that stage, and if it is you on that stage, you want to make sure that you are prepared to be there. I am just wishing for the best.”


TSoul : Like [Aliyah] said: Practice. But also, you need purpose and right now we are living our purpose. I believe we are all going to end up where we are supposed to be”.


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