Could Bachelor Nation’s Wells Adams Be Right That America Won’t ‘Embrace’ a Black Bachelorette?

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The reality game show, The Bachelor season 21 is on and it’s expected that Nick Villa makes his choice soon.
In The Bachelor season 21 the likes of Rachel Lindsay and Corinne Olympios are largely expected to be chosen, but the question remains, who among the ladies gets picked as the Bachelorette?

The Bachelor season 21
It was this same issue that Bachelor Nation’s Chase McNary and Wells Adams who were guests on Vinny Ventiera’s Wrong Reasons podcast on Thursday, February 2, 2017 deliberated upon.

McNary said that he thinks Lindsay could be the next Bachelorette, given that viewers have been calling for a more diverse choice as the show’s lead, but that he’s not sure if producers will go through with it.
Adding “[Producers] want everyone to think, Oh, this black girl is finishing pretty late on’ and they’ve never had a black Bachelorette — that might be the direction they’re going to go.” “It’s the direction they have to go. But then, ‘Holy s‑‑t, Donald Trump’s the president, and Corinne’s the Bachelorette? What’s the world going to do?'”
He went down memory lane to point out that the show’s producers had picked Caila Quinn as the season 12 Bachelorette before switching to JoJo Fletcher at the last minute.
McNary said he could see something similar happening this season, with producers trying to “trick us again with, ‘It’s going to be Rachel,’ and then have somebody lead on that it’s going to be Vanessa — I don’t know — and then surprise, it’s actually crazy-ass Corinne.”
Speaking on The Bachelor season 21 Adams totally agreed that Olympios, might ultimately be the choice. “Remember, we all thought it was Caila, and that was exactly what they were trying to do — that was diversity being the forefront.”
Adams dropped the hint when he said “And then they kind of took stock of how America felt about it, they kind of leaked that information, and they realized America wasn’t superpumped about that choice. Regardless of the diversity issue, it might’ve just been they didn’t really love her personality or persona. But when they found out it was JoJo, people were very excited about that.”
He continued “I think the franchise wants to so badly break out of its cookie-cutter, white-person shell, but I don’t think that America will embrace it, sadly enough
“And I think what they’re going to do is it will be misdirection. I think it’s going to be … Rachel, and then at the last second, they’ll have Corinne.” He concluded
The Bachelor season 12 airs on ABC Mondays at 8 p.m. ET.


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