The Apprentice UK: Season 12, Candidates, and Tasks

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The Apprentice UK is the most popular Britain’s Business reality tv show. It was created by a British-born American television producer, Mark Burnett and narrated by Mark Hailliley.

the apprentice uk

The Apprentice UK, which first aired on BBC two, gives a group of aspiring businesswomen and men the opportunity to compete for the chance to win a £250,000 investment from British business magnate, Lord (Alan) Sugar, towards a business of the candidate’s creation, with Sugar as a 50% owner.

The reality game show debuted in 2005 and has over the years featured 11 seasons and 132 episodes while the season 12 is now on-going.

Recall that the Apprentice UK 2016 candidates were 18 in number and they include Natalie Hughes, Karthik Nagesan, Courtney Wood, Frances Bishop, Alana Spencer, Dillon St. Paul, Trishna Thakrar, Rebecca Jeffery, Aleksandra King, JD O’Brien, Michelle Niziol, Mukai Noiri, Sofiane Khelfa, Samuel Boateng, Oliver Nohl-Oser, Jessica Cunningham, Paul Sullivan, Grainne McCoy.

One person among the eighteen participants gets the “you’re fired” remark each week and leaves the show.

The Apprentice UK: Season 12 So Far

Week one: Collectables
Task: The participants sold antiques at Wimbledon Car Boot Sale and the group with the highest profits won.
Fired: Michelle

Week two: Advertising – Jeans
Task:  Each group created an advertising campaign including a TV advert and an interactive bus shelter poster for a brand of Japanese denim jeans. The best campaign won.
Fired: Natalie

Week three: Corporate Candy
Task: This time they are expected to manufacture and sell sweets. The group with the most profits won.
Fired: Oliver

Week four: Department store
Task: Each group are divided into two. Half ran personal shopping service while the rest ran the department store. They also handled sales within the department store liberty while promoting a new line of products.
Fired: Mukai 

Week five: Cycling Crowdfunding

Task: Create a campaign about crowdfunding with a promotional video for a new cycling product. Also performed a PR stunt and pitching the product to cycling retailers. The group that raised the most money from pledges, won.
Fired: JD 

Week Six: Discount buying
Task: Within one night each group had to find and negotiate on nine items within a low budget of £1,000. Least amount spent wins.
Fired: Rebecca

Week Seven: Boat Show
Task: The group went to Poole Harbour Boat Show and selected and sold boating and leisure products. Most sales won.
Fired: Samuel

Week Eight: Stay tuned
Speaking about the series return, Lord Sugar said: “I need to see who’s got a good business brain, that’s all I’m interested in. The winner gets a £250,000 investment and it will change someone’s life forever…”

The question remains, who gets fired next? We welcome comments from you.


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