The Apprentice UK 2016 See The “Final Five”

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The Apprentice UK  final 5 2016 is gradually coming to an end, by the way, Lord Sugar is already recruiting for The Apprentice UK 2017.

the apprentice uk final 5

With the firing of Trishna Thakrar from the show during the episode 10, season 12 the contestants are now down to five who will be advancing to the “Final Five” episode 11, season 12 airing December 13, 2016.

The “Final Five” will have a documentary series that features their personal lives and will also face the interview challenge this week December 15 episode 12, season 12 before they are pruned down for the final.
The Apprentice UK Final 5 are 29-year-old Online Fashion Entrepreneur and the Operations Director for a PR and marketing agency, Jessica Cunningham, who said her motto is” there is no competition if you’re already winning”.
Jessica is up for some tricks as she revealed that she wants to get close to the other candidates to find out how they operate, analyze their strengths and weaknesses and attempt to use them to her advantage.
The last man standing, 29-year-old Owner of Novelty Gift Courtney Wood who described himself as awesome, fun with a positive attitude who believes his confidence is one of his strongest attributes. Courtney thinks his killer tactics will elevate him to the top.
Also left in the show is 24-year-old Owner of Cake Company, Alana Spencer who started her first business, a chocolate company at the age of 17 before moving on to selling cakes.
Talking about her person she said, “I am incredibly hard-working, driven, and I’ll stop at nothing to get what I want.”
She also described herself as determined, creative and charming, and is ready to take up any task Lord Sugar can up with.
Also in The Apprentice UK final 5 is 25-year-old Owner of Children’s Clothing Company Frances Bishop who said “I’m a pocket rocket. I’m quite fiery and live by the rule ‘kill them with kindness’”.
The 25-year-old likewise described herself as talkative with a lively and aggressive personality, and she is determined to get Lord Sugar on her side with her Chippy attitude.
Finally in the team is 31-year-old Owner, Makeup Studio Grainne McCoy who believes “I need guidance and a little bit of mentoring to help me make that first million.” she is confident that her self-belief and strong-mindedness will see her through the tasks.
As we count down to The Apprentice 2016, who do you think will wear the crown?


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