Alana Spencer Wins The Apprentice UK 2016, Condemns Jessica, Frances For Stripping Off.

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The Apprentice 2016 winner has emerged and Alana Spencer turned out to be the victorious competitor who has proved to Lord Sugar that she has a good business he can invest on.

The Apprentice 2016 winner
The Apprentice 2016 winner smiled home with £250,000 investment into her cake-making business on Sunday night grand finale.
However, 24-year-old Spencer took her colleagues, Jessica Cunningham and Frances Bishop to the cleaners for baring their butt and body to the public in a recent photo shoot. (See photo here)

She said ‘If women want to look good and feel better by putting on a bit of makeup and wearing nice clothes, then all power to them. But I don’t think looks should have any bearing.looks shouldn’t play a part in making a success of your brand.’
She told The Sun when asked if she would pose for racy photo shoots ‘Oh God no, I wouldn’t do what they’ve done. I would absolutely not do that.
‘The world is not ready to see me in a bikini if I’m honest. All it should come down to is work ethic and business plans.
Speaking on her victory Spencer noted ‘It’s incredible. I don’t think anyone thought at the beginning – including myself that it would ever be me.
Wondered how Spencer got the coveted prize? Well, it started from making cakes as a teen after leaving school, Narna’s, which she has been running from her parents’ kitchen until now.
‘I’ve massively learnt not to take things so seriously and not to take things to heart so much. I’ve won £250,000 and grown as a person as well. I had an email earlier saying that a few more legal things have to be done and then the money will transferred to my bank account.’
Spencer said about her emergence and impression about Sugar ‘I think he admires people that go out and do it for themselves.
‘Most of us had our own businesses but I think the fact I started so young was definitely a factor in it.

About The Apprentice 2016 winner- Alana Spencer

The 24-year-old started at the age of 14 when she sold home-made cards with her classmates and on one occasion she even sacked her friend simply because she didn’t make cards quickly enough.
Spencer also sold homemade chocolates to corporate companies through her uncle before moving into making cakes.
She told Press Association “It’s mad,”. The second year I did that I got quite a large order for a corporate gift so that took up a lot of time and then basically it just went from strength-to-strength. And I left school to do it. It just organically changed from chocolates to cakes.”
The Apprentice 2016 winner left school when she received a grant to set up her own small kitchen, at her parents’ house in Ceredigion, Wales.
Spencer has also developed a range of six cakes, which she sells at food festivals and country shows.
Remember in her first two weeks she saw herself in the boardroom face to face with being fired by Sugar and when asked to defend herself she couldn’t say anything.
Even before the competition, Spencer had to tender an apology for offensive comments she made on social media in the past. She was quoted to have said ‘Control your children you fat pikey bi***h!’
Her apology was ‘They were the words of a naive young girl from a number of years ago and I would never write such things now.’
Spencer’s emergence was indeed an honor well deserved.
Congrats! To Spencer

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