Teen Mom: All You Need To Know About Teen Mom Reality TV Show

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The American Reality show ‘Teen Mom’ is an MTV television series which premiered on December 8, 2009.
The reality TV show has so far aired 102 episodes and its season 6 ended in December 2016.

teen mom
Teen Mom is a spinoff of 16 and Pregnant and was followed by Teen Mom 2, Teen Mom 3 it also has related shows such as Teen Mom Poland and Teen Mom UK.

The MTV series aired 4 seasons before it first concluded on October 9, 2012, and came up in February 2015 with its 5th season which debuted on March 23 with a new name ‘Teen Mom OG’.
While In December 2015, it was announced via the Teen Mom OG Facebook page that the show was back for a sixth season.
Unfortunately, In December 2016, one of the casts Portwood announced she was quitting the show over what she described as “unfair treatment”.
The American reality TV series tells the story of pregnant teenage girls, their challenges, regrets as well as their relationships and motherhood.
Each episode reveals the numerous challenges young mothers can face- marriage, relationships, family support, adoption, finances, graduating high school, starting college, getting a job, and creating their own families.
Teen Mom chronicles the different journeys of four young mothers -Catelynn Lowell, and Amber Portwood, as they find their way through motherhood while growing up themselves.
The casts all featured in the first season of 16 and Pregnant and the show documents their first years of motherhood and places additional emphasis on strained family and romantic relationships.
Teen Mom first tested episode turned out to be MTV highest-rated with 2.1 million total viewers.
But the series ‘Skins’ topped the pilot episode by hitting 3.26 million viewers, while the first season finale raked in 3.6 million viewers.
The second season finale pulled in over 5.6 million viewers, at which time a spin-off Teen Mom 2 was announced for January 11, 2011.

Teen Mom Casts

Catelynn Lowell Baltierra is from Marine City, Michigan, a high school senior and the mother of Carolynn “Carly” Elizabeth.
After birthing Carly she decided to put her up for adoption in other to move back to her normal life, but unfortunately, her mother and step father didn’t buy the idea.
Catelynn later accepted the fact she was a mother and moves back with her boyfriend Tyler, and his mother where they got engaged.
The good news came on August 22, 2015 when the couple got married after Lowell gave birth to their second daughter, Novalee ‘Nova’ Reign, on January 1, 2015.

Farrah Abraham is from Council Bluffs, Lowa and she is the birth mother of Sophia Laurent Abraham.
Sophia’s father, Derek Underwood, died in a car accident on December 28, 2008, two months before her birth, while In January 2010, Farrah’s mother, Debra Danielson, was charged with assault in a Lowa court for hitting her.
However, after the fight with her mother, Farrah and Sophia left the mother’s house.
Farrah’s tale is somewhat complicated. After proving through a paternity test that Sophia was Derek’s child, Derek’s mother turned back to file a suit for grandparents ‘Visitation rights’.
While In May 2013, Vivid Entertainment released a sex tape featuring Abraham having sex with porn star James Deen.
Although the story had it that Abraham sold the footage, which was intended to be marketed as a “leaked” celebrity sex tape, to Vivid Entertainment for $1.5 million. She came up with a defense stressing she wanted to celebrate her awesome body.

Amber Portwood is from Anderson Indiana and she gave birth to Leah Leann Shirley. For the teenage mom, it wasn’t an easy path to trade on. Imagine someone who was once free as the air, suddenly became restricted.
Amber had to drop out of school and stayed with fiance Gary when she discovered she was pregnant.
Her house was on fire with constant fight with fiance, sometimes in front of little Leah. In June 2013, the teen mom was arrested for domestic violence against baby daddy.
Before then, in December 2011 she was arrested for possession of drugs and failing to complete a court-ordered rehab program. So, in June 2012 she was serving a five-year jail term, while in 2013, she was released from Indiana’s Rockville Correctional Facility.
In 2015 she got engaged with Baier and the wedding date was fixed for October 10, 2016.
However, Amber ranted over her acclaimed unfair treatment and even announced she was quitting the show in 2015.”If I was treated fairly it wouldn’t be an issue but it’s been nothing but disrespect since the reunion show. Which keeps continuing today. Nothing has been dealt with or has made me feel any safer to even move on with people who have continuously hidden things from the network. The day I’m shown some respect by the people I’ve worked with for 8 years is the day I’ll be back. I’ve sacrificed a lot for this show. She retorted.

Maci McKinney – Bookout is from Chattanooga, Tennessee she is the mother of Bentley Cadence Edwards, and was successful in school. Her dreams and aspirations vanished into the thin air as she struggles to take care of her baby and boyfriend Ryan as well as study online.
Speaking on her appearance on the show. She explained “I really just wanted to show girls how hard it was to be a teen parent. I wanted girls who might get pregnant to see there are options out there to move forward with your life and still have goals”.
Mac Bookout in December 2014, announced she was expecting her second child, a daughter, with her boyfriend of two years, Taylor McKinney, she put to bed to Jayde Carter, on May 29, 2015, and In February 2016, Bookout revealed she is expecting her third child, a second son named Maverick Reed, with Taylor McKinney. The duo got married on October 8, 2016.
The latest episode of this year’s Teen Mom aired on December 6, 2016.


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