Survivor Series: The Reality TV Show with a Difference, Winners and Runners-up

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Survivor is the US version of a well-known reality television series known internationally as the Survivor Reality Competition. It was created by Charlie Parsons. The American version of the Survivor series premiered on may 31, 2000, on CBS and is hosted by Jeff Probst. survivor series reality
In the survivor series, a group of strangers are left in an isolated location with little more than their cloths to cater for themselves. The contestants are expected to provide basic survival amenities for themselves. Therefore they have to provide clothing, shelter, water, fire and food for themselves.
As the reality series progresses, the contestants are expected to compete with each other in challenges for rewards and also prevent themselves from being eliminated from the show.

The Survivor Series: Sole Survivor

The contestants in the survivor series gets eliminated progressively based on their performance in the daily challenges. They are usually voted out by their fellow contestants until only one winner remains and therefore qualifies to bear the title of “sole survivor” with a handsome reward of US$1,000,000. That is just awesome.

The Survivor Series Awards
The Survivor series has been very successful in the united states and in its first eleven seasons was rated amongst the top ten most watched reality TV shows and has been very profitable.
The series is considered one of the best shows in the 2000 to 2010 decade. Aside from the fact that the series has been nominated for many Emmy Awards, it was also included in Time magazine list as one of the greatest TV shows of all time.

The Survivor Series: Titles, Winners and Runners-up

Season 1
Survivor: Borneo
Winner: Richard Hatch
Runner-up: Kelly Wiglesworth

Season 2
Survivor: The Australian Outback
Winner: Tina Wesson
Runner-up: Colby Donaldson

Season 3
Survivor: Africa
Winner: Ethan Zohn
Runner-up: Kim Johnson

Season 4
Survivor: Marquesas
Winner: Vacepia Towery
Runner-up: Neley Dennis

Season 5
Survivor: Thailand
Winner: Brian Heidik
Runner-up: Clay Jordan

Season 6
Survivor: The Amazon
Winner: Jenna Morasca
Runner-up: Matthew Von Ertfelda

Season 7
Survivor: Pearl Islands
Winner: Sandra Diaz-Twine
Runner-up: Lilian Morris

Season 8
Survivor: All-Stars
Winner: Amber Brkich
Runner-up: Rob Mariano

Season 9
Survivor: Vanuatu
Winner: Chris Daugherty
Runner-up:Twila Tanner

Season 10
Survivor: Palau
Winner:Tom Westman
Runner-up: Katie Gallagher

Season 11
Survivor: Guatemala
Winner: Danni Boatwright
Runner-up: Stephanie LaGrossa

Season 12
Survivor: Panama
Winner: Aras Baskauskas
Runner-up:Danielle DiLorenzo

Season 13
Survivor: Cook Islands
Winner:Yul Kwon
Runner-up: Ozzy Lusth

Season 14
Survivor: Fiji
Winner: Earl Cole
Runners-up: Cassandra Franklin and Andria “Dreamz” Herd

Season 15
Survivor: China
Winner: Todd Herzog
Runners-up:Courtney Yates, Amanda Kimmel

Season 16
Survivor: Micronesia
Winner: Parvati Shallow
Runner-up: Amanda Kimmel

Season 17
Survivor: Gabon
Winner: Robert “Bob” Crowley
Runner-up: Susie Smith, Jessica “Sugar” Kiper

Season 18
Survivor: Tocantins
Winner: James “J.T.” Thomas Jr
Runner-up: Stephen Fishbach

Season 19
Survivor: Samoa
Winner: Natalie White
Runners-up: Russell Hantz; Mick Trimming

Season 20
Survivor: Heroes vs Villains
Winner: Sandra Diaz-Twine
Runners-up:Parvati Shallow; Russell Hantz

Season 21
Survivor: Nicaragua
Winner: Jude “Fabio” Birza
Runners-up: Chase Rice; Matthew “Sash” Lenahan

Season 22
Survivor: Redemption Island
Winner: Rob Mariano
Runners-up: Philip Sheppard; Natalie Tenerelli

Season 23
Survivor: South Pacific
Winner: Sophie Clarke
Runners-up: Benjamin “Coach” Wade; Albert Destrade

Season 24
Survivor: One World
Winner: Kim Spradlin
Runners-up: Sabrina Thompson; Chelsea Meissner

Season 25
Survivor: Philipines
Winner: Denise Stapley
Runners-up: Lisa Whelchel & Michael Skupin

Season 26
Survivor: Caramoan
Winner: John Cochran
Runners-up: Dawn Meehan & Sherri Biethman

Season 27
Survivor: Blood vs Water
Winner: Tyson Apostil
Runners-up: Monica Culpepper; Gervase Peterson

Season 28
Survivor: Cagayan
Winner: Tony Vlachos
Runner-up: Yun “Woo” Hwang

Season 29
Survivor: San Juan del Sur
Winner: Natalie Anderson
Runners-up: Jaclyn Schultz; Missy Payne

Season 30
Survivor: Worlds Apart
Winner: Mike Halloway
Runners-up: Carolyn Rivera & Will Sims II

Season 31
Survivor: Cambodia
Winner: Jeremy Collins
Runners-up: Spencer Bledsoe & Tasha Fox

Season 32
Survivor: Kaoh Rong
Winner: Michelle Fitzgerald
Runners-up: Aubry Bracco; Tai Trang

Season 33
Survivor: Millenials vs Gen X
Winner: TBA
Runner-up: TBA
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The Survivor series has been shot in numerous locations around the world and the favored climates are warm and tropical climates.

The Season 33 is still on-going please visit the news section of MyTopShows for updates.

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