Contestants Of Russian Reality Show ‘Hunger Games’ Everything You Need To Know About The Show

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Remember the Russian Hunger Games reality show which got every one talking about the insanity that has been proposed to be expected in the show? Well, some are already fielding their names as participants.
In December last year, the news of the upcoming reality show broke out as well as its rules which allow Fighting, alcohol, murder, rape, smoking, amongst others.

According to Siberian Times, the Russian Hunger Games will be broadcast worldwide on the web starting in July and about 30 participants, 15 of them women, ditched on a large island in the Ob River, the seventh longest in the world.
Russian Hunger Games offers a 100 million rouble ($1.7 million) prize to the winner after nine month survival mission in winter temperatures as low as minus 50C.
The organiser of the insane game show, Yevgeny Pyatkovsky, 35, a Novosibirsk millionaire said they won’t intervene if there is physical violence, rape and murder, adding ” I am pretty sure there will be fights, and more. We are not scared of negative reaction if that happens either.”
But he noted that the crimes are not without punishments ”according to the Russian Criminal Code”. Which goes to say that any action would be for the police or other law enforcement agencies only, not the show’s organizers”.
The Siberia island where the Hunger Games is to take place, apart from being in the Ob River, the seventh longest in the world, is bear-infested island.
Recall Pyatkovsky had earlier revealed that ”We will refuse any claim of participants even if they were to be killed or raped. We will have nothing to do with this. This will be spelled out in a document to be signed by the participant before the start of the show.” There would be no rules restricting sex between the participants.
”We will not intervene into relations between participants nor monitor their sexual life either, and our cameras will not be able to follow every move in every corner of the island.
”They are free to form any couple or union, and there is no limits or rules regarding sex.
”If a woman falls pregnant – and manages to carry the baby – that’s fine with us.
”We will show the baby after the project is over.”
The Russian Hunger Game be filmed and broadcast 24 hours a day on an Internet TV channel and the island of nine square kilometres is in Tomsk region.
Pyatkovsky told the media outfit that island ”gets to minus 50C in winter, and it is infested with brown bears. This area of Siberia has always lots of bears, but recently numbers doubled because more animals migrated from the north of Krasnoyarsk region, pushed away by wildfires, adding “At the start of the show, ‘brown bears will be at the end of their mating season. Days after they calm down a bit, the biting gnats will arrive”.
The Russian Hunger Games participants will be allowed to have knives but no other weapons and he admitted.
He said ”There will be a ground team on duty, and one or two helicopters for emergency situations”. Having said that, bears can run as fast as 60 kph, and our two thousand cameras on the island would not be able to cover every centimetre of the forests. This is the raw Siberian taiga: anything can happen, and we might not be on time to solve an emergency.
”The participants will have knives only, no guns will be allowed. They won’t be allowed to bring anything with them.”
Pyatkovsky noted that the Russian Hunger Games survivals will depend on growing food and storing it for winter, catching fish from a plenteous supply in the Ob, or killing game.
”We will give one set of clothes to every participant and it must last till the end of the show. Right after the arrival our survivors will be given the task of building a house, shelter, or anything they decide to live in during autumn and winter.”
”The set of clothes, food and instruments will not be replaced.” There will be presenters whose role is to give initial tips about surviving in Siberia – for example, how to catch an otter, or how to behave when you meet a wild bear, and also to organise various competitions and quests.
He continued ”One might be being woken early in the morning from a loud alarm.
”A worried presenter’s voice will announce that a group of criminals broke out of a nearby jail and is already on the island.
”The task will be to catch the criminals, and whoever does so gets a prize from a sponsor.”
Pyatkovsky, boasted that ”There is nothing like this show in the whole world. No-one has done it as a real thing where people will actually have to use every skill they ever gained, social, physical, psychological, to survive.’
”You will be able to watch it from every corner of the world at any moment of the day and night, as you move, work, drink with your girlfriend in the bar, or relax with a cup of tea at the end of the day.’

Russian Hunger Games Reality Show Contestants

Hundreds of would-be participants have applied, and the selection will be made by online viewers. However, below is some of the contestants:

Russian Hunger GamesRussian Hunger GamesRussian Hunger GamesRussian Hunger GamesRussian Hunger Games
Natalya Korneva, 26, an actress from St Petersburg: ‘I travel whenever I have some spare time, during the last 5 years I covered more than 150,000 km, most of them alone. ‘I’ve been to the mighty Lena River in Siberia, to Magadan, to the Altai Mountains and the Far East of Russia. I’ve been dreaming about moving to Siberia for a long while, but first I want to feel how hospitable the taiga will be towards me. This is why I am taking part.’
Jonghyun Lee, 22, from South Korea said ‘I have served in the South Korean Air Force, and currently I am a student. Right now I am in the middle of America, biking from Los-Angeles to the East Coast. Regardless of the prize, I love problems.
‘I want to go through difficulties because it’ll make me better. The primitive instinct of fighting nature without any help is what excites me.’
While for Dmitry Russkikh, 31, a security service officer from Saratov: ‘Extreme, sport and traveling while getting new impressions is what drives me. I grew up on the shores of great Russian Volga River, fishing with my father and grandfather. I spent a lot of time diving, mountain climbing, snowboarding and mountain biking.’
Yelena Grischenko, 21, a student from Kazakhstan: ‘I love playing computer games, specially Perfect World and Wow. I read a lot, love Russian classics and fantasy.’
Irina Agisheva, 30, a swimming coach from Nizhny Novgorod: ‘I want to do something so mad and unforgettable so that people later say ‘do you remember that girl…’. We only live once and we must make the best of our lives. I’m ready.’
Klara Yuchyugyaeva, 33, a real estate agent from Yakutsk (Siberia): ‘I love sport since childhood, I was born in Yakutia and I am not afraid of difficulties. For me the taiga is something mysterious and amazing, so please help me discover it.’
Oksana Shiganova, a 28 year old driver from Murmansk in the Russian Arctic: ‘I am a professional blonde, a girl who loves dresses, manicure and shopping. I love myself and will definitely not make it through the show without help. But this is what will make it so interesting to follow me.’
Oleg Baturin, a 35 year old economist, said: ‘I live in Chelyabinsk, the capital city of the South Urals. Our city has always been known for its strong men – and to prove it I challenge myself and all other participants. I want to spend long time in the wild, try new places and go through new hardships.’
Matts David Goldberg, 36, a student from Sweden: ‘I want to take part to inspire people and to help them fight for their dreams. I also want to go through exactly what my grandfather endured when he worked all around the Siberian taiga after being captured during World War II. I am an adventurer, a teacher and a journalist.’
Mikhail Utrobun, 29, a sportsman from Khabarovsk: ‘This is my chance, finally I’ll become a millionaire.’
Meanwhile, the Russian Hunger Games participants will have to sign release of liability for injury and death waivers.


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