Are You Set For ‘Powerless’ Which Premier’s Feb. 2, 2017? See Cast And Characters.

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We hope you comedy fans are getting ready to ward off tension and stress in the upcoming first series of American action comedy show- ‘Powerless’

powerless tv series
The NBC sitecom comedy series is produced by Ben Queen and the series will premiere on Thursday February 2, 2017, at 8.30 pm ET/PT.

The show -Powerless which takes place in the DC Universe features the adventures of Emily Locke (Vanessa Hudgens) as Director of Research & Development at Wayne Security, a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises. Wayne Enterprises specializes in products for ordinary humans who are ready to be victims of the battles between superheroes and supervillains.
It also features Alan Tudyk, who is Bruce Wayne’s cousin and he is starring as Van Wayne. Wayne is the new boss in the house.
We also have Vanessa Hudgens, Danny Pudi, Alan Tudyk, Christina Kirk, and Ron Funches as casts
Powerless Cast and Characters
The first on our list is the Director of Research and Development for Wayne Security, a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises, Vanessa Hudgens who stars as Emily Locke.
The Character Emily is so much in love with her job which gives her the opportunity to help people, she specializes in products that make defenseless bystanders in a world of superheroes and supervillains feel a little safer.
Emily’s aspirations supersede those of Van, the boss, and her colleagues so it now behooves on her to lead the team in their the realization that one doesn’t need superpowers to be a hero.
Another cast in the comedy show-Powerless is Danny Pudi. Danny stars as Teddy and plays the role of being Emily’s best friend at work and her confidante.
Danny spends his days making the office lively by coming up with time-wasting pranks.
Also in the show is Alan Tudyk. Alan who is Bruce Wayne cousin will be starring as Van Wayne.
In the first series of the Powerless, Wayne is the new boss. He is self-acclaimed “rich, over-educated globetrotting wastrel”, who is seen as a power-mad disastrous dictator of a boss.
We also have Christina Kirk. Kirk will be starring as Jackie and she is Emily’s co-worker and a die hard fan of superheroes. One wouldn’t be wrong to address her as a superheroes fanatic and her office is evidence of that.
Kirk is picked by the boss as his Personal Assistant (PA) and knowing the nature of her boss she soon begins yielding to his unreasonable and impossible demands.
On his part, Ron Funches is coming up as Ron. This character plays the role of an innocent guy in the I.T. department.
Ron is different from his colleagues for he still holds tenaciously his childlike enthusiasm for all things superhero-related.
However, Crimson Fox is set to appear in the pilot episode.


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