Plastic Surgery Reality Show Casting For “Beauty & the Beach”

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Do you feel uncomfortable each time you see any part of your body? Are there areas you think need to be corrected? Do you feel you are no longer the charming gorgeous woman or dude you used to be? This post on Plastic Surgery reality show is for you.
Grab this opportunity and regain your groove and get your confidence back. Don’t think nature favored our hourglass celebrities we see on our television screens these days.

One will not be wrong to say that about 95% of them had their bodies worked on to make them look like it wasn’t the same God that created all of us.
The opportunity is now thrown open nationwide for Plastic Surgery TV Show now Casting people who want plastic surgery nationwide for “Beauty & the Beach”
Research has shown that 2B Media are searching for potential patients for “Beauty & the Beach”.
According to the show runners “We are casting for men and women aged 21 – 55 who are prepared to travel to an exotic location and undergo cosmetic surgery with a team of world renowned and acclaimed plastic surgeons.”
They continued “We are looking for people with big personalities and incredible stories in particular. Are you someone who has already had multiple cosmetic surgeries? Or are you a little person living with dwarfism and considering cosmetic surgery on your face, breasts or tummy? We want to know why you feel you need surgery…”

Areas Of Specialisation

On areas of specialisation, the organizers stated “Our surgical team are specialists in everything from breast augmentations to full gender reassignment, reconstructive surgeries are also of interest. So please also let us know what procedure you are interested in”.
“So please contact us with your name, contact details, a few pictures (including the area which you feel needs treatment), as well as a brief bit about you, why you need the surgery, how life would change after surgery etc to:
Payment: Non-paid
Submit to email:
Now casting is the Plastic Surgery reality show don’t miss out!


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  1. When will we find out if you accepted a application ?

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