Update On Kim Kardashian’s Paris Robbery Attack, Photos Of Arrested Suspects

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We had reported yesterday that police have arrested about sixteen persons in connection with Kim Kardashian’s paris robbery, here are some of the photos of Kim’s suspected Paris attackers.
The photos of Kim’s suspected Paris attackers emerged just yesterday.

photos of Kim's suspected Paris attackers photos of Kim's suspected Paris attackers
Our previous report recorded the arrest of sixteen suspects, but an update on that figure has revealed that there are now seventeen arrested suspects in connection with the robbery incident.

The Photos of Kim’ suspected Paris attackers which have been made known so far by the Police include three male.
We gathered that among the suspects, three are women and police strongly believe the women were used by the group to follow Kim around Paris in the days before the attack.
Whilst two of the suspects are diamond dealers who must have taken care of the stolen jewelry.
According to French police they tapped phones and were able to nab those that are allegedly involved in the robbery.
Thereafter photos of Kim’s suspected Paris attackers were revealed.
See our previous report on the arrest of the robbery suspects below;
“According to international media, French authorities revealed that police have nabbed about sixteen robbery suspects in connection with Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery.
”The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, Kim was last three months robbed of about eleven (11) Million dollars worth of jewelry in Paris and experience the reality star will never forget in a hurry.
“The 36 -year-old mother of two, although was partly blamed for the robbery incident by her fans who accused her of flouting much on social media.
” Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery incident forced the keeping Up With The Kardashian star to go into hiding from social media until recently when she staged a comeback.
“Report had it that Kim Kardashian during the Paris attack was tied and held at gunpoint till the robbers finished their operation.
Log in for updates on the incident and more photos of Kim’s suspected Paris attackers.


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