Former Big Brother Uk Housemate Paulie Calafiore Finds New Love.

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If you had followed Big Brother season 18 this summer, the name Paulie Calafiore would sure ring a bell.
Well, the good news is that the 27 year old Paulie Calafiore who was one of the housemates known for his rugged life style in the house has now embraced new found love.
The reality star in an interview with The Actor’s Audience, said he now has a strong relationship with God, something he didn’t have before he signed on to the reality TV show.
According to Paulie Calafiore, prior to his appearance on the CBS Big Brother UK season 18, his relationship with religion was far fetched , adding that perception about God took a new dimension when he made out some private moments to have a rethink of his life while in the CBS summertime house.
He stated “It’s crazy to say, but I found a better relationship with God, I don’t want to get all cheesy and all that but I didn’t really have a relationship with God prior to going into the house, I didn’t really have a set mindset on religion…I’m still very loose on it, it’s not very strict,”
He continued “I just feel like it’s helped me kind of open my heart and my spirit, too. Whereas before the house, I was focused on making money, making money, making money, and growing and influencing people, but the money was the motive. And since finding that I’ve found,
He also believed that his newfound faith is as a result of reading the scriptures every morning.
Paulie Calafiore noted “Whether you believe in a higher being or not, whatever religion you believe in, as long as you have a belief and a faith, it doesn’t have to be in someone or something, but just have something you can attach yourself to that makes you want to be a better person, and that’s what I kind of found through this whole experience.”
“And I can thank my father for that, I can thank Zakiyah for that, so I’m really blessed to have the people in my life that I do have and it made me kind of cherish those relationships more.”
Interestingly, Pualie Calafiore is not the only one in this, even his girlfriend, Zakiyah is involved also, although Paulie agreed that Zakiyah sends him Bible scriptures every day he also told him God has to be present in their relationship in order for it to thrive.
While in an interview with the Charlotte Observer, Zakiyah said she listens to God when it comes to her relationship with Paulie”
“Honestly, I’m just gonna listen to God,” … I’m just gonna have to pray on it… if God wants me to stay in Charlotte, I’m gonna stay in Charlotte. If God wants me to move to New Jersey, then that’s where I’m gonna go.”
How do feel you about former Big Brother UK Calafiore’s new found love?

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