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The final episode of the season finale of the American reality television show – Keeping Up With The Kardashians titled ” (KUWTK) No Good Deeds” aired on E! On November 20, 2016.
The end of the show featured Rob Kardashian given reasons why he didn’t show up for his own baby shower. Rob Kardashian and his sisters Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian had missed the official baby shower organized by Blac Chyna because they traveled out of the country.

keeping up with the kardahsians
The final episode of the reality show aired on E! showed how the Kardashians were ardently planning to throw another baby shower for Rob and Chyna.

Well, at the main show last Sunday night, the season 12 opened with Khloe suggesting to her sisters Kim Kardashian and Kourtney that they should throw Rob and Chyna baby shower to make up for being out of the country when the official one was held.
While the ladies were discussing about this, they got a call that their mother, Kris Jenner was involved in an accident which made them to abandon the topic and raced to the scene of the incident, where they met their mother in good condition.

rob kardashian
After the accident Kris was declared unfit to run around as the girls manager until she recuperates and Kim volunteered to step in. This was after Kris had told her it wasn’t an easy job to do.
At Kim’s apartment, there were Rob, Khloe, Scott and Kim Kardashian.
Khloe teased Kim for dressing in her black free gown, after which Khloe said to Rob who came around ” I can see you’ re in good spirit” to which he replied ” Yea I’m OK ”
Then, Khloe asked robbed if he and Blac Chyna had moved in together, but he said no, that he doesn’t think they would be together.
Khole was disappointed with the response that during the confessional she said that her thinking was that Rob and Chyna were doing well especially as a baby was on the way and admitted that the couple have a lot of things to work on.
Then Kim threw the question ” Are you and Blac Chyna still engaged “? To which Rob said he was not sure.
Khloe went further to ask if Rob had read any book on babies and he said no. Khloe also asked ” do you know how to take care of a baby “? ” I’m first time dad, sure I’m not going to be perfect” he replied.
Scott took over from here to prepare Rob for the task ( becoming a father).
After Khloe and Rob had left, Scott told Kim that for Rob’s relationship with Chyna to work both of them would have to join forces and be on the same page.
He later met Rob outside to help him feel at easy about becoming a father, but during the confessional section, he admitted to not being a perfect father, so he refrained himself from given Rob advice on how to be a perfect father.
But Scott in other to equip Rob first arranged for him a class on how to be a new father where Rob tried wearing doll a diaper.
“Rob seems to know a lot about a baby, but I’m not gonna lie, plastic doll is a lot easier, but this is a good stepping-stone ” Scott said
He also took Rob Kardashian to a friend’s day care baby center to see what real kids can do different from plastic dolls, well, Rob really did well to relate with the kids at the center, that Scott even confessed he was going to be a good father.

Matriarch Jenner Kris bounced back

Kris was greeted with the news of the baby shower which made her embark on a shopping spree for the event.
But just before the baby shower, Kim Kardashian broke the news that Rob and Chyna were fighting again saying ” he texts her crazy things and she texts him crazy all night long “.
She said he wasn’t willing to go to the baby shower they were throwing for him, but Khloe then suggested that they urge him to drop by if not for anything, for their mom Kris who has been super excited about the whole baby shower thing.
At first, when Rob Kardashian was told about the baby shower he was so excited and promised to attend.
The belief was that Rob was coming for his baby shower, but the mood changed when he didn’t show up, and Kris placed a phone call to him and he apologized for the disappointment promising to make up.


Rob’s Reasons For Not Honoring His Baby Dream Shower

The following day after skipping the baby dreams shower, Rob Kardashian called up the mother Kris and left her with balloons in the backyard that had the inscription “I love you, mom,” which melted Kris’ heart that made”her say she was blessed with loving kids.

rob kardashian
On the reason why he didn’t come to the baby Dreams shower he said “I thought you guys wanted to support me and not including Chyna. I wanted it to be about both of us but I took it the wrong way. He concluded by saying ” l love you guys and thanks for doing this.
Meanwhile, everyone gathered for a new baby shower with Rob and Chyna finally in attendance.
On Kim becoming the manager
During a confessional, Kim Kardashian said, “I’ve joked a lot that I could be my sisters’ manager better than my mom could be. I think I do give a lot of good creative input and I know that they listen. I feel like I could totally handle this.”

Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) has been a great show, I’m sure many have enjoyed it. Please drop your thoughts in the comments box below.


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