I’m Ready To Tell Everything About My Sex Tape With Kim Kardashian- Ray J

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This is in fact what so many people are waiting to hear. That is Kim’s sex tape with Ray J.
As soon as the Singer was confirmed one of the celebs that walked into the Celebrity Big Brother as housemates, we did anticipate he would spill the milk about his sex tape with the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star- Kim Kardashian.

Kim's sex tape
True to that anticipation, Ray J has revealed he was ready to say everything about Kim’s sex tape they had long before now.

Ray J became more popular following the leak of his sex tape with Kim Kardashian, a tape which also launched Kim Kardashian’s TV career.
According to The Squander report, after Kim’s sex tape, Per year, Ray J reportedly makes over $100,000 from royalties from one of the most watched celebrity sex tapes to ever exist.
This number was revealed when Ray J cheekily offered to donate 4 months of his sex tape royalties- $47,000- as a wedding present to Kim and new love Kanye West.
The report also had it that when interest peaks in Kim and consequently her sex tape, Ray J makes, even more money than average. When she tried to “break the Internet” with her naked photos in Paper Magazine in late 2014, Ray J earned $50,000 during that week alone.
Consequently, Years later, Ray J is yet to move on despite been married as he still continuously mentions Kim Kardashian as well as Kim’s sex tape.
The latest of such mentions was when he promised on the Celebrity Big Brother introduction clip to reveal everything about Kim’s sex tape.
Singer Ray J opened up about his relationship with Kim Kardashian on the day three in the Celebrity Big Brother house. He revealed that he and the 36-year-old star were ‘players’ and she was a ‘cheater’.
But then, Stacy Francis tried to defend her, recalling a time he was at Ray J’s family home where Kim was ‘crying her eyes out’.
‘She was really into you, really in love with you, …’Kim was not a player.’he said
While Ray J replied: ‘We were both players, we were both cheaters. You are looking at it through a window. You have no clue – we loved each other.’
He asserted that his sister Brandy was still close with Kim after the release of Kim’s sex tape, adding that he had never ‘crossed paths’ with Kim since their relationship ended, and now wants to be ‘known as more than that Kim’s sex tape’.
In his words “I’m being asked about the sex tape, I am married…I’m ready to tell everybody everything! I’m cool, I’m very respectable.”
Mytopshows had already reported thus:”Raj was Kim Kardashian’s ex. The US rapper had a sex tape with Kim that leaked in 2007. All eyes are on this dude as he joins other Celebrity Big Brother housemates to see if he can reveal the details of his previous romance with the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star and the sex tape.


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