Facebook Founder Mark Zukerberg Introduces Jarvis App That Cook Meals, Adjust Room Temperature, Others.

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Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, on Tuesday, December 20, 2016, introduced a software – Jarvis app to the world.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg jarvis app
Jarvis as its name sounds according to mark is a home assistant with a difference – he isn’t human, but an app.
Jarvis app software which was developed by the tech entrepreneur is designed to carry out home chores following instructions from those it can recognize their voice.

The software runs errands at home which include cooking meals, turning off the light, adjusting the room temperature to one that is favorable, as well as supplying the Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg with a change of clothes. I think this sounds more like a human being than an app.
In a video released by Mark, Jarvis app responds to his voice, and talks back to him, welcomes guests into the home after a facial identification, it also alerts him of his schedule and things going on within the house.
The software also informs the facebook founder when his daughter Max, and wife Priscilla woke up from sleep.
The video share by Zuckerberg shows Jarvis’s active and multiple roles around the house.
It was gathered that while the app was still being built, Priscilla, Mark’s wife, encountered some issues with it initially because it could not respond to her voice. Imagine!
At first, the Jarvis app was structured in a way that it only responded to Mark’s voice, completely ignoring Priscilla’s instructions. Priscilla went ahead to complain that the voice used earlier was a bit aggressive (Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice).
However, modifications were made afterward and the app can now act on the instructions from those it can detect their voice.
Jarvis is a friendly, helpful software which detects your needs as a family and meets them – and sometimes refuses them if it doesn’t approve.
Watch the video below to see the software’s reply after Mark asked it to play some good Nickelback songs.

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