Is it Over Between Ex Big Brother UK Housemates Georgina and Jackson?

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This may not be sounding too good for the fans of the duo, Georgina Leigh Cantwell and Jackson Blyton who fell in love during the 2016 summer’s civilian Big Brother series.

Georgina and Jackson
With the emerging rant on their different Twitter handles, there signals that the love birds who were rumored to be engaged after Georgina was seen wearing engagement ring early this year may have ended their relationship.
This morning December 7, 2016, Jackson wrote: “Fresh start. Just in time for the new year.”

While on her part, Georgina wrote “Erasing all existence. How evil can someone be? Just imagine how horrible that is of a person.”

Although, Georgina few months back had tweeted thus: “When you realize he’s no Disney prince.” This left some people wondering what could be the reason for that and the tweet really sent tongues wagging.
But when the lovers later appeared as a couple at the National Reality TV Awards, mouths were shut up until this morning’s fight on the social media.
Confirming our suspicion about the split, Daily Star wrote “On closer inspection, Jackson has deleted every photo of Georgina from his Instagram – apart from when they’re in a group with other people.

Georgina and Jackson
It comes only weeks after he shared a sweet snap of the brunette saying: “Love, pain, hurt and smiles. Been through the worst. But I can easily say, I’m one lucky man.”
“She still has snaps of her street boy littered on her social media, though we’re not sure we expect them to stay too long.
“Maybe he’ll turn to fellow housemate Laura Carter as she recently told Daily Star Online she would marry”

Georgina and Jackson
However, before the rumored engagement earlier this year, Jackson’s ex and baby mama made a post on her Instagram claiming the reality star cheated on Georgina with her, we were still wondering whether that was true when Georgina replied the post, calling the boyfriend’s ex Maille Doyle a psychopathic.
We just pray that the whole thing remains a rumor and not metamorphose into a reality.


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