Celebrity Big Brother, See Who Got Evicted Just After One Week In The Show

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Celebrity Big Brother started just one week ago and it has already claimed it’s first victim.
Sadly, Ray J, Kim Kardashians ex- boyfriend has been evicted from Celebrity Big Brother after being hospitalized amid claims of neglect.

Evicted from Celebrity Big Brother
However, Ray J is still fuming on his hospital bed after being evicted from Celebrity Big Brother 2017.
He claimed that he was left to suffer for days in extreme pain to the point he blacked out before getting any medical attention.

And in spite of his complaints of neglect, Ray J still got evicted from Celebrity Big Brother UK 2017shortly after the reality show started.
In their recent report, TMZ, said that Ray J developed “extreme tooth pain” and he complained to cast members and producers about his pain.
Close sources according to the report, noted that Ray J, claimed CBB producers initially didn’t believe him and ignored his complaints instead they ordered him to continue shooting the show.
“The next day, cast members felt the situation was so bad and they refused to continue shooting until Ray J got medical help.
“A dentist came to the set, the next day and gave Ray J eight painkillers, four of which he was to take immediately and the remaining four the next morning. They claimed that Ray J woke up yesterday Tuesday, January 10, 2017, in unbearable pain, and after taken the remaining four pills he then pleaded for help.
“Consequently, producers agreed to take Ray J to the hospital but on the way out of the house he blacked out. Ray is currently at the hospital with an abscessed tooth, a cracked filling in another tooth, and a severe gum issue.
“Now that he has been kicked off the show, the $1 million that was promised to him may now be in jeopardy. ACC to the source.
Was Ray J rightly evicted from Celebrity Big Brother episode 2? Drop your comments in the box.


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