Drake Confirms His Romantic Relationship with Jennifer Lopez

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Before now, speculations have been rife that Jennifer Lopez and Drake are into a romantic relationship.
But we have treated the rumor as a fluke, but Drake’s recent Instagram picture of him cuddling Jennifer Lopez has cleared the doubts as to whether they are dating.

Drake and Jennifer Lopez relationship
Earlier this year, Drake was dating the table tennis goddess, Serena Williams after he quit his relationship with the queen of music, Rihanna.

We thought that Serena was Drake’s last bus stop, not only us, even the rappers mother thought so.
There were reports also that Drake’s mother wanted him to marry Serena Williams saying that she is the one for her son.
Drake’s mother Sandi Graham, even preferred her son settling down with Serena to RIRi.
Sandi Graham also see Serena as a more “wholesome” woman and believes Serena fits that description.
According to a source close the family who spoke on the issue, he said “Drake and his mother are really tight and like the good mensch he is. He listens to her. Sandi doesn’t really think anyone’s good for Drake, but if she had to choose one woman he’s been with it would be Serena. “Sandi idolizes her athleticism and thinks she’s a sweet and wholesome girl, much different from the wild and over-sexualized women Drake‘s been with in the past. Like him,”.
“she’s a champion and Sandi’s encouraging him to attend all her upcoming matches at Wimbledon and make a serious play at her. Sandi’s not getting any younger and she wants grandkids from him!”
But it seems Drake and his mom were not thinking towards the same direction as Drake later left Serena few months later.
We all thought he was going back to RiRi after the two shared some romantic moments together, thereby raising the hope of their fans.
On her part, we even thought that her former husband Marc Anthony’ divorce with Shannon De Lima was for J.LO
According to a source close to Marc, he claimed that Jlo’s split with Casper Smart was a turning point. Claiming that ‘As soon as Marc heard Jennifer split with Casper, he wanted out, and that he still wanted J.LO back.
But the story has changed, well, let’s watch how far Drake and J.LO will take their love story.

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