Dancing With The Stars Instructor Derek Hough Dumps Show For…

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The American dancing competition reality show – Dancing with the Stars will soon lose one of its top instructors.
We gathered that the longtime instructor is now dumping the show for another NBC’s dancing competition.
Well, the instructor making the move is no other than Derek Hough.

Derek Hough
Derek Hough has concluded plans to leave “Dancing With the Stars,” following a request by American multi- award winning singer and dancer Jennifer Lopez.
Derek Hough will be joining Lopez’ upcoming dance competition “World of Dance” as a judge, alongside another popular musician Ne-Yo.

Although we are not surprised by his decision, because Derek had earlier this month announced that there were other projects he has and may not continue as an instructor in DWTS season 24.
The reality star will have to join former American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez and Ne-Yo as judges in the forthcoming dancing competition – ” World of Dance ” which will debut next year.

derek hough dancing with-the-stars
But reports have it that Derek Hough will be seen during the December 7th, 2016, NBC’s musical “Hairspray Live!”
Speaking about the upcoming dancing competition – “World of Dance ” recently Meredith Ahr the Universal Television Alternative Studio President observed, “Jennifer, Derek, and Ne-Yo are three of the most accomplished dancers of their generation, and their incredible insight from the judges’ table will be both inspiring and wholly constructive to the world-class level of dancers who are competing on the show. “We feel so very honored that the three of them are giving back to the dance community in this way.”
“World of Dance” is a 10-episode series from Jennifer Lopez’ company- Universal Television Alternative Studio and Nuyorican Productions.
Moreover, Dancers will be competing to win a grand prize of $1 million. A variety of dance styles will be used including hip-hop, krumping, popping, locking, tap, ballet, break dancing, ballroom, and stomping.

How the “World of Dance” 2017 competition will play out

After being selected from qualifying events around the nation and thousands of online submissions, competitors will be divided into three divisions which are
Juniors can consist of one solo performer up to groups of 20, made up of any combination of males and females. Ages 8 years old to 16 years old.

Uppers can consist of one solo performer up to 4 members, made up of any combination of males and females. Ages 17 and older.

Teams should consist of 5-20 performers, made up of any combination of males and females. Ages 17 years and older.

After “World of Dance” 2017 initial auditions round, the divisions will face off in duels, until only one of each is left standing.
A panel of experts is given the responsibility to score the acts. They use a precise point system developed by World of Dance, with the following criteria: routine, execution, presentation and crowd appeal.

The epic finale sees the winners from each division duke it out for $1 million and the title “Best in the World.”


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