Dance Moms Season 7, Abby Lee Face To Face With Nemesis

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The reality show, Dance Moms season 7 episode 3 ‘Return Of The Rotten Apples’, aired December 13, 2016, on Lifetime. And Abby’s enemies as you know can never finish but this time around she was face to face with an old nemesis.

Abby lee dance moms season 7
During this episode of Dance Moms Season 7, Cathy swore not to lose to ALDC with her Candy Apples and this time around she wanted to fix things. As usual, everything was geared towards pissing Abby off, but how did she want to do that? Let’s find out.

Cathy went ahead to bring her daughter back to the stage hoping she would get a victory against the ALDC.
But trust Abby, she can’t carry last and with her recent changes in the ALDC she has become too nice to everyone.
You know Abby had decided to bench the minis once more in order to try and win the next competition.
Not only that, she revealed that only one of the new girls might become a permanent member of the group.
What was her next move? Abby Lee came up with a plan to give Kendall the only solo this time round, while Lee stated she intended it to be a show stopper.
Abby Lee further stated it would be a Maddie routine and that Kendall tends to waste all of the big numbers given to her.
She even threatened Kendall, that if her solo did not win first place, she would never be given the opportunity again.
This was after Kendall’s main competition was revealed to be Black Patsy’s daughter, Nicaya.
Cathy looking for a way to get at ALDC first confronted her over her fraud case. “Can we spell ‘felon’?. Cathy asked, but ALDC just walked away, hoping she can shut Cathy up by having her girls beat the Candy Apples. The mother’s also criticized Abby for her “awful, droopy boobs”.
Whereas, the Candy Apples mothers who have been looking for another opportunity to launch the second taunt on Abby dashed into the ALDC changing room where they dressed her down still on her legal case.
But this time in the dressing room, it turned out to be a free- for-all as they were all yelling in each other’s faces. Black Patsy points her finger in Abby’s face, Abby makes the motion to bite it off like she did to former ALDC mom Kelly long before the season 7.
Back to Kendell, having the threat at heart, Kendall dare not mess up, so she performed so credibly that her performance knocked that of Nicaya off the track.
In the group routine, ALDC performed marvelously well too.
The good news came in when it was announced that Kendall won first place and the group performance won also.
The victory filled Abby Lee with so much happiness that she decided to ignore her nemesis. But is it over? No way! her enemies made it crystal clear they would be meeting again at nationals.
Trust Cathy too she will never give up, we are seriously waiting for a real competition in the next Episode.

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