Criminal Minds’ Season 12, Reid May Continue In Jail Till Next Season, As Thomas May Come Back

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‘The show ‘Criminal Minds’ is about an elite squad of FBI profilers who analyzes the country’s most-twisted criminal minds, anticipating the perpetrators’ next moves before they can strike again.
Each member of the “mind hunter” team brings his or her expertise to pinpoint predators’ motivations and identify emotional triggers to stop them.

Criminal Minds season 12
The core group includes an official profiler who is highly skilled at getting into the minds of criminals, a quirky genius, the former media liaison who manages to adeptly balance family life and the job, and a computer wizard.
However, Criminal Minds season 12 has only two episodes to go and episode 21 captioned ‘Green Light’ is coming up this Wednesday May 3, on CBS.

The spoilers focus on Reid and his fears that his mother has been abducted while he is still in jail.
Cartermatt explained that Reid is worried that someone has kidnapped his mother Diana aka Jane Lynch. And he asks his BAU teammates to investigate the matter as Reid himself is behind the bars, while most of the fans were hoping that Reid will be out of the jail by the end of the Criminal Minds Season 12.
It was also shown in the Criminal Minds Season 12 Episode 21 that Reid is afraid not for himself but for his mother as she is defenseless.
On their part, fans are thinking that Reid will be out of jail this season, but there are still the probabilities that he may not.
In fact, there are strong speculations that Reid may still not regain his freedom until the next season, which rumors have it that the showrunners might introduce some new angle which will be carried forward in the next “Criminal Minds” Season 13.
Concerning Thomas Gibson aka Aaron Hotchner, there are also strong speculations that he will be returning back for the ‘Criminal Minds’ season 13, while another popular actor Shemar Moore (Derek Morgan) will return for the last episode of Criminal Minds season 12.
Indeed, it is a known fact that Thomas Gibson happens to be one of the biggest names in ‘Criminal Minds’ on CBS, who has been playing the unit chief of FBI’s BAU since the start of the season before he left the show.
Accepted, Gibson’ exit created a noticeable impact on the ratings of the show ‘Criminal Minds’ which has made fans to keep praying for his return.
However, with the return of Shemar Moore for the finale episode of Criminal Minds Season 12, episode 13, fans are agitating that Gibson returns too although for the next season.
Recall that Celebeat report had it that because of Gibson leaving the show fans started the hashtag NoHotchNoWatch campaign on the Internet.
Meanwhile, the final episode of Criminal Minds season 12, captioned ‘Red Alert’ will air on May 10 during which Jane Lynch aka Diana is expected to make an appearance.
We are still waiting to get the real situation of things from the showrunners as the events unfold.


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