Why I Had To Quit Big Brother Celebrity- Brandon Block

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Celebrity Big Brother contestant Brandon Block has revealed why he had to quit the CBB after just one week into the show.

Celebrity Big brother Brandon
Celebrity Big Brother Brandon seems to have met a different thing while in the house and he wasn’t comfortable with he was seeing.

Brandon said he was miserable on the show thus, he demanded his own exit from the Channel 5 reality TV show.
Celebrity Big Brother Brandon in a video clip shown on spin-off show Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit on the Side was seen calling on his fellow housemates to the kitchen to tell them about his decision.
“I was incredibly honored to have the experience it was wonderful, but I wasn’t feeling myself. May the best man or woman win.”
Brandon further noted: “Can I speak to everyone please? I’ve not been happy for a few days, I love you all and I really mean that. I just can’t.
“It’s a great experience but I’m just not feeling me. I just don’t want to sit out there and smoke all day. Crack on everyone and kick its arse.”
However, a Channel 5 spokeswoman has confirmed the news stressing that more information on the matter will be revealed during this night’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit on the Side.
But Celebrity Big Brother Brandon announced he was quitting few days after he was removed from the house for medical tests after complaining of chest pains.
According to a source close to the show; “Brandon wasn’t well at all. It was pretty serious. He immediately saw the medics that were on standby at the house.”
“But there were concerns his condition could worsen and could even become critical so it was decided he needed to go to a hospital,” the source confirmed to the Daily Star.
With the exit of Celebrity Big Brother Brandon he now becomes the third housemate to leave the Channel 5 show.
Brandon left the house a day after Ray J went to seek for medical attention and was evicted from the show.
Although, Ray J said he was unjustly removed and even threatened to sue the show
“I’m ready to go back into the house and they won’t let me back in and I’m really hurt by it,” he told TMZ.

“What’s sad is I can’t do the show anymore, they won’t let me back in the house and it’s not fair to me,” he added.
When Ray J was asked if he would sue producers for not letting him back he said: “Put me back in the house and let me work. This isn’t right. It’s wrong bro, it’s wrong.”
“I’m going to drive myself to the dentist and get my tooth fixed and then drive up to the house and try to get back in.”


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