Why I Ended My Romance With Bianca – CBB O’Hara

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CBB Jamie O’Hara has revealed real reason he ended his romantic relationship with former Celebrity Big Brother housemate Bianca Gascoigne.

CBB Jamie O'Hara
CBB Jamie O’Hara and Gascoigne hooked up in the Celebrity Big Brother house despite the fact that Bianca have a boyfriend outside CBB.

Unfortunately, their romance didn’t survive after the reality game show ended
Their split was made known on Wednesday afternoon when a source revealed “They are going to remain firm friends but CBB Jamie O’Hara needs to spend time with his family first and focus on other things in his life.
“They had a great time in the CBB house but unfortunately it has come to an end.”
And just within 24hours the news broke out, CBB Jamie O’Hara has not only confirmed their split but gave reasons for the split from each other.
O’Hara cited his busy schedule as the reason, stating that he has to give priority to his children.
CBB Jamie O’Hara told Rinse FM “She’s a cool girl, a wicked girl.” “I think at the moment we’ll just stay friends, we’re going to hang out.
“I had a wicked time in house but I’ve got loads on in my personal life – I’ve got my kids, I’ve got lots of work coming up. We’re just going to be friends.”
However, Bianca seems not to be at home with O’Hara’s decision to end their romantic relationship in the press.
A source was quoted to had told The Sun Newspaper that “She is refusing to take his calls at the moment. She feels humiliated.“ “It has been a crazy few days and she’s not ready to speak to him yet. He has been texting her trying to explain the situation, but for Bianca it’s all too raw.”
Meanwhile, Bianca issued a statement where she stated “I totally respect his decision, obviously children should always come first.
“It would have been more respectful to hear the news from him first rather than reading about it in the newspapers.”


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