Rob Kardashian Bans Former Step Dad From Seeing Baby Dream: As Caitlyn Sets To Take Revenge

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I knew it may get to a point where some members of the Kardashian family wouldn’t want to have anything to do with former father now turned Caitlyn Jenner.
Hope you remembered that soon after baby dream was born, news started flying that Caitlyn Jenner was denied seeing the newborn.

Caitlyn jenner banned from seeing baby dream
But ever since the news broke out, we have been waiting to hear the next move by the reality stars.

Even when we knew things aren’t as expected to be, one could hardly guess that 29-year-old Rob Kardashian would ban the former step-father,67-year-oldd Caitlyn Jenner from seeing his/being with her grand daughter and the action is really affecting cait.
According to OK Magazine, Rob Kardashian doesn’t want his newborn, Dream Renee Kardashian, to have anything to do with Cait and as such, he reportedly put a ban on Caitlyn refusing her access to baby Dream.
According to the Ok Magazine source, Rob Kardashian stated that the decision was not personal but gave reasons that made him take the decision saying “He says he can’t deal with the circus that follows her,” But the TRUTH is, “he doesn’t consider Caitlyn as family anymore.”
By the way, Page Six of the November. 2 affair had earlier reported that Caitlyn was shunned at her own daughter, Kendall Jenner‘s, 21st birthday party! “It didn’t seem like [Caitlyn] was warmly welcomed … it was super awkward,” they reported.
Even when Rob said the recent decision wasn’t something personal, Caitlyn Jenner is taking the whole stuff personal and he is heartbroken over it.
An insider for OK Magazine reported ” Cait is heartbroken over this. “She helped raise Rob from the time he was four, and she was so excited about seeing him with baby Dream. She’s taking it very personally.”
However, we can’t rule out the fact that since Cait Jenner divorced 61 year old Kris Jenner last year everything “changed.” And sadly Rob isn’t the only Kardashian to edge Caitlyn out. “No one in the family is responding to her messages. “She hoped the baby would change that, but she still feels like an outsider.” the insider stated.
Meanwhile, Hollywood Gossip has reported that Caitlyn Jenner is coming out with a memoir in 2017, stressing “This much we know. In fact, we also know the release date and the title of this memoir. It will be called “The Secrets of My Life” and it will come out on April 25.
And Caitlyn as gathered is set to take his revenge on the family as he may reveal everything in the $10M Kardashians Tell-All.
Recall, that Caitlyn Marie Jenner who was formerly known as Bruce Jenner, is an American television personality and retired Olympic gold medal-winning decathlete.


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