Britain’s Next Top Model 2017 Contestants Unveiled, Everything You Need To Know About Them

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BNTM Contestants 2017 have been unveiled as the show is expected to launch on March 16, 2017
Twelve catwalk queens make up the BNTM contestants 2017 who will be vying for the crown of Britain’s Next Top Model.

BNTM contestants 2017
Any of the BNTM contestants 2017 who emerges winner will land herself a lucrative modelling contract with Models
This year’s competitors have been tagged the ‘most outspoken models the series have ever seen’, and among the BNTM contestants 2017 is first ever transgender contestant.

The BNTM panel of judges include former contestant Abbey Clancy and supermodel Paul Sculfor, Hilary Alexander OBE and photographer to the stars Nicky Johnston.

BNTM contestants 2017

Talulah-Eve Brown, 22, is the first transgender contestant to compete in BNTM and describes herself as a ‘sugar-coated bitch that likes the finer things in life
Brown has a black belt in karate, moonlights as a blogger, and currently holds the title of Miss Transgender, Birmingham.
She is 5ft 8in Brummie beauty, works as a bar supervisor, and describes her look as ‘instantly recognisable and versatile’; believing she can win the competition on the basis that there is no one like her.
Talulah-Eve, took over the headlines last year when she revealed plans to freeze her sperm before transitioning so that she could one day have a baby. On her Instagram, she describes herself as a ‘sugar-coated bi** that likes the finer things in life’.
Anastasia Ellis (THE NEW-AGE HIPPY)
Among the BNTM contestants 2017 is Anastasia Ellis, 20, from Crewe, who loves hula-hoop, pole dancing and yoga. She works as a henna artist and loves to travel. She describes herself as a former ‘blue-haired hippy’.
Ellis sees fashion as ‘an art that enables you to be a new character in a new body’. A keen painter, Anastasia’s hobbies include the hula-hoop, pole dancing and yoga.
BRIT school attendee Tallulah Bluebell, 19, is an artist and student who says she despises ‘body shaming and backstabbers’.
The 5ft 8in Londoner loves going to exhibitions, idolises Tracy Emin and loves painting.
Tallulah, who also describes herself as a singer/ songwriter on social media, often gets ‘obsessed’ with people and says she can’t feel ‘normal’ again until she paints them.
With a first-class honours in Print Design under her belt, 23-year-old Victoria Clay is now turning her attention to modelling.
The straight-talking Liverpudlian claims she runs in the same circles as the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and is a huge fan of David Bowie.
Victoria, who works in admin and design, stands at 5ft 10in and describes her look as ‘an English Rose with great boobs’.
She seems to have a knack for pushing people’s buttons – which Victoria says the other girls ‘will have to just deal with’.
BNTM contestants 2017 also include Bianca Thomas, 22, 5ft 10in, from Lowestoft in Suffolk, works as a waitress at a holiday resort and says she’s keen to inspire other tattoo-adorned women to get into modelling.
Bianca loves to do her hair and makeup, but also has a penchant for football and adores McDonald’s.
She says her family are very supportive and have always encouraged her to be a model.
But as gathered, Bianca is not the only aspiring model in the family; her sister Natasha also applied for Britain’s Next Top Model after being spotted by producers.
19-year-old Abby is currently working as a waitress in a bar and uses her spare time to practice her catwalk strut during shifts.
The 5ft 8in Mancunian, who grew up on a chicken farm, is a big fan of Alexander McQueen and anything leather, and loves all things rock n’ roll including Ozzy Osbourne and Alice Cooper.
Simone Murphy, is an events manager from Edinburgh. She is heavily influenced by the Flower Power movement in the ’70s. A cheerleading vegan, Simone has done three seasons in Ibiza and has a crush on Kourtney Kardashian’s on-off partner Scott Disick.
The 22-year-old self-confessed party girl, who is 5ft 10in, is the only Scottish contestant to make the final 12. She describes her look as ‘strong and androgynous’ with a symmetrical face, big eyes, big brows and high cheekbones – and her favourite feature is her eyebrows.
Olivia Wardell (THE 6ft 1in A-LEVEL STUDENT)
Statuesque café waitress Olivia Wardell, 18, from Bath, shares a love of fashion with her 82-year-old grandmother and is the youngest in the competition. At just 18, the 6ft 1in aspiring model will stop at nothing to get to the top and make her modelling dream a reality.
She has just finished her A-Levels in English, Textiles and Photography and hopes to become a role model for women in the fashion industry just like her idol Kendall Jenner.

Chloe Lockley-Middleton (THE ‘GEEKY’ GAMER )
Teased as a teenager for liking ‘boy stuff’ and being a ‘geek’, Chloe Lockley-Middleton now has over 20,000 followers on gaming platform Twitch. Her boyfriend is a professional gamer who also has a big online following.
Psychology student Chloe, 20, from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, prides herself on her friendly attitude and says she will bring this with her when competing on Britain’s Next Top Model.
She believes that every woman should be proud of their body. Chloe is a fan of the ‘classic’ fashion houses and prefers a natural look. Her dream night out includes dressing up and going to a ‘posh ball’.
Often compared to Gigi Hadid and Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Alannah Beirne, from Naas in County Kildare, learned to catwalk from her mother at a young age.
The 6ft Irish beauty comes from a family full of musicians and often plays the flute in front of crowds. Alannah, 22, an assistant manager at a pub, is also an outdoor enthusiast and a keen painter with an eye for visual merchandising.
Straight-talking Eleanor Sippings, 18, said she has watched every episode of Britain’s Next Top Model and thinks she has what it takes to win the crown.
This Essex girl, who comes from Colchester, loves shopping and researching all the latest fashion trends – but works as a caterer at a zoo.
With her best friend, her grandmother, being a former beauty queen, Eleanor aspires to be a Victoria’s Secret model and has no qualms with doing a nude shoot.
Jennifer Malengele (THE COLLEGE STUDENT)
College student Jennifer Malengele, 18, who suffers from camptodactyly a situation where one or more fingers are permanently bent.
But in Jennifer’s case it’s her little finger, but she has mastered how to pose with her camptodactyly, proving that if you have what it takes nothing can hold you back in the world of modelling.
Jennifer has her own YouTube channel and aims to promote diversity within the modelling industry.
She wants to push the boundaries of the fashion industry and inspire women of colour to pursue their dreams of modelling.
BNTM will kick off on March 16 and each week will see one or more of the aspiring models eliminated.
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