Big Brother- Style Producers Drugged My Girlfriend To Have Sex On Show To Boost Their Ratings- Embattled Boyfriend

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This one is reality show turned sour as the embattled boyfriend has regretted ever allowing his girlfriend take place in a reality tv game show. The embattled boyfriend- Andrej Laharnar claimed that Big Brother-style TV producers drugged his girlfriend to make her have sex on the show just for them to boost their ratings.

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According to The Sun online report of the incident, Laharnar, the partner of Mirela Lapanovic Milija said his girlfriend was manipulated into having sex on the controversial Big Brother-Style reality television show Couples which is filmed in Belgrade.
“A reality show contestant was drugged and coerced her into having sex on camera in a disturbing bid to boost ratings, her boyfriend has claimed” the media outfit claimed.
It was also reported that boyfriend Andrej Laharnar insisted that his girlfriend Mirela Lapanovic Milija was manipulated into romping on Serbian Big Brother-style show Couples.
However, the report revealed that the reality television show viewers were surprised when they saw Mirela Lapanovic Milija and another male contestant got steamy under the covers in an explicit scene filmed in Belgrade.
According to the report, Laharnar Andrej also believed that the man filmed having sex with his girlfriend- Mirela may also have been given drugs and that the producers are now trying to cover it up.
He noted “If only they showed her the footage, she would be shocked and she would realize she was abused.
“The production is not allowing the contestants or the audience to talk about the terrible incident.”
During an interview, Laharnar Andrej claimed that the Big Brother – Style reality contestants have since been pressured into pretending the sex scene was faked for the cameras.
He also said that drug use was rife among people involved in the subversive show.
Recall that last year the program made headlines when a husband was shown apparently strangling his wife.
However, there was no comment from the production team behind Couples stated the media outfit.


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