Big Brother Naija Week 4, Gifty Eliminated

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Big Brother Naija week 4 saw the elimination of Gifty From the show.
Out of the three housemates nominated up for possible eviction during the Big Brother week 4, only one housemate was evicted and that was Gifty.

Big Brother Naija week 4
Before the eviction took place, the show host Ebuka crossed over to the house where he interacted with the housemates who were nominated for eviction.

He asked ThinTallTony how he would feel if evicted, and ThinTallTony replied “If I leave today I believe I have played a good game so far.
For Marvis, she would miss Bisola most in the house, while Gifty said “I think I have faith I will go for what I want”
After her eviction, On the stage, Gifty was asked how it has been in the show, she said it has been challenging, fun and romantic.
Asked about Soma, she simply said Soma was just a Friend, someone she really liked adding that the ‘like’ now is casual ‘liking’.
Asked about kissing Barely she said she liked him as a brother, but that wasn’t accepted by the audience who echoed their disagreement.
Gifty was also surprised to learn that Efe and Kamen nominated her, mostly Efe stressing “I didn’t see Efe coming, it’s fine others voted me but I didn’t see Efe’s nomination coming.”
Before the elimination, the seven eligible housemates in the Big Brother Naija week 4 played a game with exceptions to the two fake housemates Jon and ESE and the three housemates, Gifty, ThinTallTony and Marvis who were nominated for possible eviction.
In the house, Big Brother ninja entered the house and presented the housemates with a bowl from where the housemates picked different numbers from 1-7 while from the other end, Auditor picked the numbers that were called up to play the game.
After the numbers were picked, three housemates were randomly picked to participate in the game on the stage.
Those picked were Bisola, Bassey and Tboss.
The game had a win bin and lose bin. In the win bin housemates were left to select a number which will reveal what they won in the game, while the lose bin also had options for losing in the game.
Any housemate(s) that wins stands a chance of N200, 000 payport shopping, a traditional African dish, as well as immunity from nomination for the whole week 5 among others.
The Big Brother Naija week 4 housemate who loses in the game will have to chose either being a joker in the house for one week or sweep the house for a week, wash the dishes the whole Monday or face automatic nomination.
The first person to play the game was Bisola and she was asked the first housemate to enter the house. Bisola choose Tboss and the answer was correct. Bisola won automatic immunity from nomination.
The second person to play was Bassey and he was asked how many robotic camera are in the Big Brother house including the diary room, arena. Bassey answered they are 29 and the answer was correct, he picked the second option in the win bin and won a traditional Naija dish of his choice.
The third housemate to pick was Tboss and the question that popped up was the number of windows in the arena. Among the options, she picked “C”, whilst the correct answer was “A”.
Fortunately for her, in the lose bin, she picked option 4, which was to wash the dish all through Monday.
What did you think of the Big Brother Naija week 4 eviction, was the right housemate evicted?


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