Big Brother Naija Sexual Harassment: “Sorry Doesn’t Make Things Right” Tboss’ sister

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-” Do Whatever Pleases You” Kemen Fires Back
Being angry that BBN Kemen was getting as much media attention as other housemates former Big Brother Naija housemate’s sister took to social media to spleen her frustration.
From her reactions Big Brother Naija contestant, Tboss’ sister is not happy and satisfied with disqualified BBN Kemen, getting as much media attention as other housemates who followed the rules of the competition till the end.
She retorted that “Sorry Doesn’t Make Things Right”, which may be understood as wanting to take further action on the matter.

Well, according to Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Ekemini Ekerette popularly known as BBN Kemen, he is ready for any action the former housemate sister-Wendy wants to take.
BBN Kemen has asked Tboss’ sister to do whatever she pleases, if she is not satisfied with his apology for allegedly harassing Tboss.
And after he was disqualified and asked to leave the Big Brother Naija 2017 reality show, the fitness coach apologized through his Instagram page after he left the house.
BBN Kemen, who responded on Instagram through a comment, adding “Help me tell her, she is free to do whatever she pleases,” he wrote.
Recall, we earlier reported thus: “Big Brother Naija 2017 disqualified housemate Kemen for violating one of the house rules.
The rift was between BBN Kemen and TBoss and it was stated that Kemen sexually harassed TBoss and the act was witnessed by Big Brother Naija eagle eye.
After BBN Kemen was disqualified, other housemates were surprised to hear that Kemen was disqualified from the show.
They were also more surprised to know that such sexual harassment took place without any of the housemates knowing about it.
At first, they were furious with TBOSS for causing Kemen to be disqualified, not until Big Brother invited Bisola who seems to be taken the matter personal, to show her the video.
When Bisola came back to the house after answering ‘biggy’, she confessed to her fellow housemates that she has watched the video clip of what transpired between TBoss and Kemen, adding that Kemen was on the wrong.
Meanwhile, the sponsor of Big Brother Naija 2017, Payporte has released an official statement on the incident between Kemen and TBoss.
It stated: “Hello Everyone, Based on last night’s footage of @Kemen_fitness making sexual moves on @officialtboss_ which sparked a large outrage, we will like to make our stance known on this matter.
PayPorte is strongly against sexual harassment and perversion and we strongly condemn Kemen’s actions. We believe individuals whether under the influence of alcohol or being sober, should have high morals. We will be taking a decisive action on this. We will be updating you shortly”


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