Big Brother Naija, Five Housemates Up For Eviction This Week

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Big Brother Naija has entered its third week and out of the eight contestants in the house, two were shown the exit door just two days ago.

BBN housemates nominated for eviction
Well, the game has just begun because more housemates will be leaving the Big Brother Naija house each week. They may even be leaving in twos, depending, until a winner is pronounced.

For this week, unlike the previous week, five Big Brother Naija housemates have been nominated for possible eviction.
The BBN housemates nominated for eviction are Bisola, Gifty, Bassey, Coco Ice, and Debbie.
Earlier, BBN housemates nominated for eviction were Bisola, Bassey, Coco Ice Debbie and Thin Tall Tony.
But the current leader of the house, Efe used his saving power to remove Thin Tall Tony from the list, replacing him with Gifty.
Just as the game is being played, the Big Brother Naija housemates during the live nomination were asked to nominate fellow housemates up for possible eviction which they did.
Funny enough, penultimate Monday night, the first live nomination took place on the show where the housemates were each given 45 seconds to nominate two fellow housemates for eviction and Miyonse, Soma and Gifty got the most nominations from other housemates.
But the head of house, CoCoIce was called to save one of the nominated housemates and replace him/her with another.
Guess who CoCoIce saved! No other housemate than Gifty while she replaced her with Efe who was fortunate enough to be the only housemate that survived eviction last Sunday.
However, this week, even when Big Brother Naija Gifty was not originally part of BBN housemates nominated for eviction, Efe who happens to be the captain of the house this week still roped her in, thereby saving Big Brother housemate Thin Tall Tony. Lol
Between Bisola, Gifty, Bassey, Coco Ice, and Debbie, who did you think will survive eviction this week? And who did you think will be another Soma and Miynose who were shown the way out during the first eviction of Big Brother Naija 2017 eviction? Drop your comments below.


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