The Apprentice UK Season 12 Week 8, Lord Sugar Pulls Another Surprise

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Lord Alan Sugar is one person that you can’t easily predict as long as the business reality show -The Apprentice is concerned.
Lord Sugar at times travels a different lane from what both the viewers and even contestants could imagine.
the apprentice uk 2016
He pulled another surprise during the Apprentice UK 2016 season 12 ( London Landmarks) competition when he fired one of the top contestants on November 24, 2016.

During this weeks task, Paul Sullivan who was the team project manager and his teammate Jessica Cunningham argued in front of guests over hot food which made Paul remove her as a sub-team leader for creating confusion during ticket sales.
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Prior to the clash between Paul and Jessica, all the candidates were gathered to the National Portrait Gallery for the week eight task.

Lord Sugar had given the teams assignments to organize an exclusive late night event at two of London’s biggest tourist attractions, The SEA LIFE London Aquarium and Madame Tussauds.

It was expected that in less than 36 hours, each team of The Apprentice UK 2016 had to organize and host an event to remember and to keep an eye on profits as well as pleasing the customers.

The teams had a lot to deal with. They will have to set up refreshments and entertainment and make sure enough sold tickets to fill their venue, both teams had a challenge on their hands.

Paul as his team’s project manager put on a song to entertain the guests, but he seemed to have been carried away by the entertainment that he lost sight on his team as well as increasing the teams profit margins.

During the tasks, Paul’s team came across estranged customers, which made Paul call down Jessica.

In the boardroom, Paul also talked back at Lord when he asked him to explain why he demoted Jessica.
Paul’s teammates were even startled by his reply.

On the other hand, Dillon and his team hired two ‘mermaids’ as part of their entertainment, with Dillon deciding he would sing with them as part of the performance.

But the two teams assigned guides to take VIP guests on an exclusive tour of their venues.
After the task, Lord Sugar announced the results which saw Team Titan, led by Dillon as the winner after raising £2400.66, while Paul’s Team Nebula came up with £1127.64

Sugar made a shocking revelation when he rounded up with the following remarks
” The thing is, Frances, in the last task you went ten steps forward, and you have gone twelve steps back here as far as I am concerned.

“Jessica, obviously there is a certain amount of emotion flying around the boardroom, I am not that hard-nosed person to ignore that, but then again this is business, we are talking about business, ok.

” And Paul, I think that you made a very, very big error in the pricing strategy, and you can’t lose your rag every single time something goes wrong, and you did lose your rag on this task in representing me in front of customers.”
At this point everywhere was extremely calm, but he spilled the milk when he said “Jessica, I have to think about whether you are a potential winner of this process, I haven’t seen enough so far to tell me that, but I think I’ve seen enough in the case of you Paul to say that, you’re fired!”
What! Everybody was left with mouth wide open, but that’s Sugar for you. You are fired! really means “you are fired!”
Keep a date with us as we bring you who gets fired on Dec. 1, 2016, on the “Virtual Reality Game” The Apprentice UK 2016.


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