‘ANTM’ is woven into my DNA.”- Tyra Banks

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The 49-year-old Tyra Banks has revealed why she is really coming back to host ‘America’s Next Top Model’ next season. She revealed that the reason she couldn’t leave the show was that ‘America’s Next Top Model’ is woven into her DNA. Lolz, yeah.

Tyra Banks ANTM
Speaking to HollywoodLife the supermodel stated that she thought she could easily move on with her life after quitting as the show host in 2015, stressing “So I thought I could move on… I tend to like to move on from things.”
“This little thing called social media exists now and fans of America’s Next Top Model and my fans were like ‘Oh, no you don’t bi-ch,’” Tyra continued. “It was kinda harsh, like that tough love. I had to look at that from a fan standpoint and a business standpoint.

“I want Top Model to be like the Jeopardy of reality TV — Jeopardy, the game show, will be around forever! So in order for that to happen, I realized I needed to come back to sustain the brand.”
However, Tyra Banks left ” America’s Next Top Model’ in 2015 after 22 cycles, but VHI and Rita stepped in to salvage the situation.
Just after one season, Tyra Banks decided to return back as host of ‘America’s Next Top Model’.
On why she came back, Tyra Banks earlier noted “thanks to the fans. “I’m overwhelmed and humbled by the intensity of the America’s Next Top Model fan base whose deep affection for the show led me to have a change of heart.” “After giving it a lot of thought, I realized that remaining behind the camera wasn’t enough because America’s Next Top Model is woven into my DNA.”
While to EP Ken Wok “Tyra is and will always be the heart and soul of the franchise.”

What y’all think about that??


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