America’s Got Talent Season 12 (2017) Auditions

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America’s Got Talent Season 12 (2017) Auditions Begin

America's Got Talent Season 12

The millions of viewers in the United States and around the world would be very much elated to know that the auditions for the America’s Got Talent season 12 reality show have begun.

A few weeks back on September 14th, 2016, Grace VanderWaal a 12-year-old singer/songwriter/ukulele player was announced the winner of the AGT season 11.That’s a million dollars for the 12-year-old. This made it the second time a female act has won the show since its debut back in 2006.

It is even more exciting to know that NBC has officially stated that America’s Got Talent season 12 is expected to debut in summer 2017. Auditions have therefore begun in different cities across the United States. We have taken the time to get the cities and the dates for the auditions. As of the date of this release 10 cities and dates have been announced.

America’s Got Talent Season 12 (2017) Audition Cities and Dates

Chicago, IL: November 12, 2016 @ Mc Cormic Place

Austin, TX: November 19, 2016 @ Austine Convention Center

Cleveland, OH: December 10, 2016 @ Huntington Convention Center

Jacksonville, FL: January 7, 2017 @ Prime F. Osborn 3, Convention Center

Philadelphia, PA: January 14, 2017 @ Pensylvania Convention Center

Las Vegas, NV: January 19, 2017 @ Bally’s Las Vegas

New Yorl, NY: January 27, 2017 @ Queens College Queens

Charleston, SC: February 1, 2017 @ Embassy Suites, Charleston Convention Cneter

Memphis, TN: February 4, 2017 @ Memphis Cook Convention Center

Los Angeles, LA: February 11, 2017 @ Los Angeles Convention Center

No need to get scared yet, if your city is not listed or if for any reason you can not present yourself for auditioning on the stated dates, you can still click to submit a video of your act.

More Cities will be added as they are announced.

Registration is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Register for a City
  2. Complete Paperwork
  3. Bring your ID and paperwork to your audition

Also note that after you have completed your registration a confirmation email will be sent to you, print and bring it along for the audition or at least have it accessible on your mobile device.

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  1. Lazada says:

    I hope the judges have had their eyes checked. So the right winner wins this year. This is one of my favorite shows.

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