Manchester City Star Yaya Toure gets 18-months driving ban To Pay £54,000 Fine

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Barkingside Magistrate Court has placed 18-month driving ban on Manchester City and Ivory Coast player, Yaya Toure.

yaya toure
Yaya Toure was also asked to pay £54,000 fine after he was caught driving under the influence of alcohol, while his blood alcohol level was reported to be more than twice the legal limit.

The 33-year-old Manchester City player accepted the charge against him but told the Judge that any alcohol consumption was unintentional.
He claimed that he was at a party with friends and was drinking Diet Coke from a jug, which he later found out had brandy in it.
But judge Gary Lucie did not buy that claim instead he told him ‘You say you were at a party and thought you were drinking Diet Coke but you accepted it tasted different to how it usually does. In fact you were drinking brandy and coke.
‘It appears to me that whilst you may not have knowingly consumed alcohol it should have been clear to you that you were in fact drinking alcohol at some point before you took the decision to drive.
‘The reading is a high one and it is inconceivable that you were unaware of having consumed alcohol. You were right, in my view, not to pursue any argument with regard to special reasons’.
The Judge also ordered Yaya Toure to pay a victim surcharge of £170 and costs of £85.
He told him ‘I give you full credit for pleading guilty – the fine would have been £81,000 but it is reduced by a full one third to £54,000, a statutory surcharge of £170 and costs of £85.
Meanwhile, the football star was pulled over at 11.15pm after police thought he was exceeding the 30mph speed limit in his £80,000 Audi RS6.
Consequently, as a Muslim Yaya Toure released a statement explaining his side of the story stressing that he does not drink alcohol because of his faith.
His words ‘Over the last two weeks there has been some confusion as to why I was charged with drink driving, as it is well known that I am a Muslim and do not drink. ‘I have always refused alcohol. Anyone who knows me or follows football will have seen me refuse champagne for Man of the Match performances because of my commitment to my religion.
‘The matter has now been resolved in court on Monday. As I was above the permitted limit when tested on the night, I decided not to challenge the charge. However, it was important to me that I told the court that I had not intentionally consumed alcohol. The judge in his sentencing remarks accepted that I had not been intentionally drinking.
‘Drink driving is a serious crime and even though I was not intentionally consuming alcohol I accept the ban and fine and I would like to apologise for this situation. I would also like to thank my family, the management and staff at Manchester City, my legal team and the fans for the support they have given me during this difficult time.’


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