At Last, X Factor Sam Bailey Accepts Having Botox To Look 15-Year-Old Younger.

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Former X Factor winner Sam Bailey has put all doubts to rest as she finally confirms she worked on her face to look even 15-year-old younger.

X factor winner Sam Bailey
The 39-year-old left fans amazed when she suddenly started posting unrecognizable selfies of herself on her Instagram page.

Some fans of the Former X factor winner Sam Bailey even thought she was using a baby beauty app when her face gradually shifted from what it used to be, to wearing a more younger look.
Well, to put everything to rest, Bailey has come clean on her latest look. She has revealed thus; ‘I have got a really expensive face’
The X Factor winner Sam Bailey in an interview with Loose Women on Friday, January 20, 2017 confessed she paid a visit to a London clinic to work on her face as she prepares herself for her 40th birthday.
When the question was thrown to her on how she has managed to look ‘younger everyday’ in her social media selfies, with each one appearing to show a more remarkably fresh-faced look than the last Sam decided to spill the milk.
She said ‘I’m going to set the record straight, I was really scared but I went to a really beautiful place in Harley Street.”
The former X Factor winner Sam Bailey had earlier ruled out liposuction, stressing ”You can’t sing with lip fillers, your mouth goes all droopy,” and she quickly recounted ”But I have a really expensive face”.
Recall that in an interview with Mailonline the X Factor winner Sam Bailey relayed how uncomfortable she was with her facial look, she also admitted to almost taken an accidental overdose while suffering from the condition, which causes paralysis of the facial nerve.
‘When I had Bell’s palsy, I nearly took the wrong tablet and could potentially have died. It’s only because I noticed at the last minute that I’m still here.
‘It was a chilling moment. Around about the same time I had two friends who were suffering from breast cancer and had children in the same class as my daughter.
‘I was thinking, “What would you want to tell your kids if it was your last moment?”‘ He told the media outlet
Not only that, Bailey in another interview with The Sun expressed her fears of having fillers stressing she may get addicted. ‘I don’t like the lines on my head. It makes me look like I’m stressed all the time and I’m getting old.
‘People say, “Why don’t you have fillers?” But I’m worried I might get addicted . . . and end up looking like a complete and utter bit of plastic. I’m quite happy the way I am.’ She stated.
But we must commend the Leicester based singer for opening up on her new lovely look.

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