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April 2017
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New Reality Show ‘Undressed’ Premiered Monday, Jan, 16

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A new dating Australian reality series called Undressed TV show premiered last night on SBS. The show tells a story of the possibility of how undressing a stranger can lead to love.

undressed tv show
Undressed TV show features paired single strangers together who spend 30 minutes in a room furnished only with a bed and a TV, where they strip off each other on their first date.

The pair are advised to embark on activities which involve pillow fight and personal questions that appear on a large screen in front of them.
The questions could include ‘are you a good kisser?’, ‘what issue do you feel strongly about?’ or ‘what was your childhood like?’ Which are designed to assist the pair get to know one another fast.
However, at the end of the date, each person is given the choice to stay and get to know their counterpart better – or leave.

undressed tv show
The Undressed TV show features different range of couples, same-sex inclusive.
One of the same sex featured during the show was couple Lexi and Nicole and they were heard discussing sex.
Nicole accepted that while she’s attracted to women and considers herself polyamorous and pansexual, she’s never had a “proper, full-on sexual relationship” with a woman.
And Lexi told her: “There’s no pressure on you to have had experience.”
While they were still discussing, there came instructions from the big screen to “DANCE”, Nicole teaches Lexi how to twerk, or “runs a twerkshop”, if you will.
During the dance Lexi confessed “I don’t think I can really cut the mustard after having an up-close with that booty.”
On their part, Cam showed off his third nipple to Pam on their first date.
He revealed “I normally wouldn’t get my third nipple out on a first date, but Pam’s very lucky that I’ve made an exception for her.” Isn’t she just.
After the series of kiss by couples on screen, the contestants are asked to give their ‘consent’ if they wish to start necking.
Speaking about the controversial hit, the Director SBS and online content Marshall Heald described the show as ‘fun and mischievous’.
While the Screen time executive producer Jennifer Collins said Undressed TV show ‘it’s as equally smart as it is funny and as honest as it is bold and daring.
‘Undressed TV show is sure to resonate with and enthrall a broad spectrum of Australia, especially when it comes time to decide. Yes? or No? You will be surprised!’ she added.

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