We` McDonald Soars At The Voice Top Ten 2016 Competition

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The 17-year-old Alicia’s We` McDonald has shown exceedingly that she is meant to be among the best 4 after her powerful performance at the voice top ten last night, November 28, 2016, competition.

we-mcdonald the voice top ten
There is no gainsaying that The Voice Top ten last night’s performances were, in fact, the best ever recorded so far.
Interestingly, Wé McDonald aged 17, is the youngest in competition , and last night she performed the Billie Holiday classic ‘God Bless The Child.’

Shortly after her marvelous performance Alicia Keys who is her coach screamed ‘Oh my gosh girl – there’s nobody like you! Period!’
‘There is no boundary for you. I think America really appreciates the fact that you burst through their hearts every time you sing. Every time,’ she said.

The Voice Top Ten 2016 Recap

Here is a recap of the voice top ten perfomances.

Other contestants like Christian Cuevas, Brendan Fletcher, Sundance Head, and Ali Caldwell performed exceptionally.

Speaking after Ali’s live performance of Harry Nilsson’s ‘Without You’ her coach Miley Cyrus said ”I haven’t seen anything like Ali in my life,’ I’m ‘so honored’ to be your coach.”
And after wiping away her tears of joy at the voice top ten night she continued ”I felt like I won in the blinds just by Ali choosing me as her coach – that is the biggest victory, to be able to spend time with you, to make music with you, to create dreams like this dress and how gorgeous you look.
”My new goal in my life is just to make you the biggest star in the world because you already are.
”I just want to see you shine the way you deserve to. You are so incredible.”
For Christian, it was a night of trying a new song by Lady Gaga titled ‘ Million Reasons’.
Christian confessed during rehearsal ”I can’t do Gaga like Gaga, so I’ve gotta turn the song into Christian,’. I felt moved to do the song because of the lyric saying there was ‘a million reasons to quit the show.’
”It’s not an easy task to do,’ but praying helped me a lot.”
His coach Alicia admitted “You took me through such an emotional experience, “There was a minute in that song where you were crying – that’s what an artist does. An artist takes life and everything we’re all going through and makes it so that we can all relate to it.
“Tonight an artist was born, Christian. You’re amazing,’ ”

the voice top ten
On his part, former country child star Billy Gilman who performed Martina McBride’s ‘Anyway’ made coaches to almost declare him winner of The Voice 2016.
Billy who is on Adam’s team noted ”As much as I’m not a country aficionado, I do know that Martina McBride is probably one of the biggest bad ass singers ever,”
But for the country star Blake Shelton on Billy’s performance, he said “I’m thrilled to see you returning to your roots. ‘You’re so good at it, man. When I think of you that’s still what I think of. And this is why.”
Miley also told him ”At this point in the competition, that’s not good for us – but it’s really, really good for you.
”You just made me really nervous, and as a coach, I’m flipping out.
”It was so beautiful, and it just heightened what you already are, which is maybe the winner of The Voice,’ wow! Good to hear such because I think Billy really deserves it.
While Sundance Head (Blake’s Team) also performed Tom T. Hall’s song ‘ Me And Jesus.
After his performance at the voice top ten Blake joyously stated ‘We’ve never experienced any kind of performance like that, ever, in 11 seasons of doing this show.”
He continued ”I think more and more people have their own kind of relationship with God these days – their own personal way that they relate to God – and you spoke to those people, man. I know I’m that way, so congratulations man. That means a lot.’
Brendan Fletcher was not also left out in the eulogies showered the best-performed contestants during last night’s the voice top ten performance.
Brendan performed a stripped -down version of Cyndi Lauper’s pop classic ‘True Colors’. Coach Miley after the performance said the song would now be ‘my new favorite song that I’m going to listen to on repeat.”
”I was imagining you were just singing to me,’ . And I felt really special like a beautiful rainbow and I loved it.
”I’m going to get it on iTunes – I can’t wait to listen to it,’.
While Adam stated ”You’re the first artist this season to take a song and artistically create a version that A, didn’t exist before, and B, that is so incredibly different and special and valuable that people are going to want to listen to.
”What an incredible night for you.”

Method of Voting For The Voice Top Ten 2016

Vote on The Voice official App. Vote on NBC site. Vote on Facebook. Voting commences at the start of the show. All voting methods close at 12pm ET/9am PT.
No doubt, The Voice season 11 is nearing its end with just 15 more days to go, but our concern now is who makes it to the top 4 semifinals? Tonight will tell.


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