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The multi-award winning business show, The Apprentice UK is a British popular reality game show that creates a platform for people from different business backgrounds to test their business acumen.
The different business backgrounds include real estate, accounting, restaurant management, management consulting, sales and marketing among others.
The reality game shows original release was on 15 February 2005 and it is a 60- minutes running show on BBC created by Mark Burnett.
The apprentice uk
The Apprentice also presents its winner with a handsome reward of £250,000 investment from British business magnate, Lord (Alan) Sugar, who is also the host.
The show has different format from other reality series as the contestants are eliminated, not by judges or public votes but by the host who has his advisors.

Interestingly, The Apprentice reality game show has other related shows and they are thus:

The Apprentice (US version)
The Apprentice (Irish version)
Young Apprentice
The celebrity Apprentice

The game has as well led other production companies to produce shows that follow a similar format, among them are Tycoon, Beat the Boss, and Election.
Also, the show features sixteen to eighteen business people who compete over the course of a season and are kept in a penthouse.
the apprentice uk

The Apprentice UK contestants who are also referred to as candidates are divided into two teams with one of the contestants from each group either volunteered or selected as a Project Manager on each new task.
During each week, as candidates perform their tasks, one contestant is eliminated per episode while the episodes end with the host eliminating the poorest contributor from the competition, with the words “You’re fired”.

Some of the business – related tasks candidates are expected to perform include selling products, raising money for charity, or creating an advertising campaign, with one team selected as the winner based on objective measures and subjective opinions of the host and his advisors who monitor the teams’ performance on tasks.
But for the team that lost, the contestants will have to attend a boardroom meeting with the show’s host and their advisors to break down why they lost and determine who contributed the lost of the team.

The Apprentice UK Series

The first episode of The Apprentice UK series dated 2005 while the 2016 which began in October is still on-going.
The Apprentice has so far eleven series and 132 episodes.
The first and second series aired on BBC Two in 2005 and 2006 respectively, while the third series was aired on BBC One in 2007.
The fourth series began in March 2008, and the fifth series in March 2009. While the sixth series came up in October 2010, the seventh series was in May 2011, the eighth series in March 2012.
The reality game show’s ninth series was in May 2013, the tenth series was in October 2014, and the eleventh series in October 2015.

The Apprentice UK Auditions/interviews

The reality game show just as other reality shows has its selection process.
The Apprentice UK open auditions and interviews are usually held across UK before a series begins.
Interested candidates numbering thousands always show up for the big event and at the end only about 75 applicants are called back for a second round of the audition in London where they will be assessed in groups out of which the number will still be trimmed down.

Part of the assessment will be for the candidates to do different exercises to test their business skills as well as how they can work in a team, and successful candidates will then be sent back to their respective accommodation with a warning of improvement from Sugar.

Thereafter, between 20 and 30 candidates are assessed by a psychologist, hence, references are made and other checks considered too, and it is from this group that the final line-up is chosen.
The Apprentice UK Tasks:
After The Apprentice auditions/interviews, successful candidates begin the process by being split into two teams, normally by gender.

Apparently, it behooves on each team to discuss and come up a team name to be used throughout the process, while teams are then given a series of business-themed tasks designed to test their skills in salesmanship, negotiation, requisitioning, leadership, teamwork, and organization with each episode covering a single task.

During each task, the teams will first select a Project Manager to act as their leader for the duration of the task, whereas, in some cases Sugar himself nominates or suggests the Project Managers and as the number of candidates goes down, he rearranges the team to probably ensure a fair distribution of skills for a specific task, avail the less vocal teammates the opportunity to display their skills among other reasons.

The Apprentice UK host provides each team with two vehicles to use during a task, and they are allowed to only divide into two sub-teams.
Sometimes , Sugar either provides additional items for the team to use on a task or the teams are given a file containing what they can acquire, produce, or what they are restricted from doing/using/getting.

The Apprentice UK is structured in a way that while the teammates are expected to work together, in reality, the candidates are selfish as they concentrate more on their individual roles and needs rather than the greater good of the team, in order to prove themselves worthy of winning the process , this occurs mostly as the competition comes close to an end.
Also, as the teammates execute their tasks, one of Sugar’s aide is assigned to follow each team to note down their opinions, observations and thoughts for later reference in the boardroom.

The Apprentice UK Boardroom

Once a task is completed the teams report back to the “boardroom”, either immediately after the task or the following day.
Mostly, the boardrooms are done in three stages aside from the Interview stage and the Finals. See the stages below:

Stage 1: ( result)

At first, the Project Managers, discuss with Lord Sugar and his advisers about the task they will have to carry out.
During this period, there will be feedback on the task and issues that were encountered, whilst Sugar and his advisers will criticize or praise the project Managers effort as well as the contribution of any team member.

The results of that particular task will be announced after the discussions, a winner at this stage will emerge which makes the team qualify for the next task, while the losing team is dispatched outside the boardroom to the Bridge Café, to discuss among themselves why they lost the task.

Stage 2: ( Task review)

At this stage, the losing team returns to the The Apprentice boardroom and will be subjected to a detailed review of their performance by the host and his advisers.
The Project Manager or a member of the group who is assumed to have performed poorly will be singled out.

Then, Lord Sugar will ask the Project Manager to choose two teammates who the team leader may have considered responsible for their failure to accompany him or her into a final round of interrogation.
For those of them who were not selected by the Project Manager, are sent back to the house, while those picked are to wait outside the boardroom.

Stage 3:( Final boardroom)

At this point, The Apprentice host, Lord Sugar discusses with his advisers about the “final three”.
During the discussion issues pertaining to the team’s performance on the task, relationships with teammates, and any strong/poor points about them will be ironed out before they are let back into the boardroom.

The final round of interrogation will begin at this point, and it will be time for the candidates to defend themselves.
After analyzing the arguments, Sugar points his finger at one candidate and retorts “You’re fired!”, eliminating him/her from the competition.
For the surviving candidates they would be ushered back to their accommodation with a warning from Sugar to improve.
Although, on rare occasions he fires more than one candidate depending on his mood and can even fire a candidate during the detailed task review.

The Apprentice UK Winners

Tim Campbell – series one (2005)
Michelle Dewberry – series two (2006)
Simon Ambrose – series three (2007)
Lee McQueen – series four (2008)
Yasmina Siadatan – series five (2009)
Stella English – series six (2010)
Tom Pellereau – series seven (2011
Ricky Martin – series eight (2012)
Leah Totton – series nine (2013)
Mark Wright – series ten (2014)
Joseph Valente – series eleven (2015)
Meanwhile, series twelve( 2016) is on-going: Learn about season 12 standings here.

Why The Apprentice UK season twelve was moved to Autumn

Have you ever wondered why the 2016 The Apprentice was moved to Autumn? Here are the reasons;
Upon opening applications for a twelfth series in November 2015, the show was moved to Autumn to avoid clashes with the UEFA Euro 2016, 2016 UK EU membership referendum and the 2016 Summer Olympics occurring during the Summer.


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