The Apprentice UK: See The Duo That Just Got Fired In The Season 12 Episode The Apprentice

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The business reality show – The Apprentice UK season 12, “The Virtual Reality Game ” took place Thursday, December 1, 2016, and after which two contestants were fired by Lord Sugar.

the apprentice uk season 12
Those fired from The Apprentice UK Season 12 were from the Titan’s team and the decision to fire them came up after the project manager and the senior sales executive Dillon St. Paul and Sofiane Khelfa failed to create the best virtual reality game and their pitch was criticized by top gaming firms.

According to the Verdict of Titan Team, the seven industry experts had no interest in investing in Nebula’s game and they got only 78 votes out of 300 in the public poll, which led to Sugar evicting two members of the team.
After they were fired the duo were not happy, stressing they had a lot more to give and were even unjustly eliminated.
According to Sofiane ”I’m absolutely gutted. I think Lord Sugar made the wrong decision, I still think I’m better than anyone else left in the competition. It’s devastating”.
Unexpected Khelfa said “I was still thinking he might fire Grainne, not me,”
While Dillon retorted ”Obviously I’m sad to be leaving. I feel like I had a lot more to give and I shouldn’t have been fired when I was.” and his departing remarks made a sense of what Rebecca Jeffery last two weeks had given as a reason why she was sent packing from the show.
Dillon said “I was dealing with a bunch of monkeys on that task. “The plan is, get back to Dublin, get a spray-tan and conquer the magazine world”.
See what happened in the Apprentice UK season 12 episode 9, the Team Titans Sofiane was made Project manager while Dillon and Alana were in charge of fixing the software instead of taking advantage of the Irish hunk’s illustration skills and having him design the character for branding.
Dillon and Alana then came up with a concept for their game which is to go under the water while the team’s lead character put a puzzle together using pieces of sea shell to make a completed larger shell.
Their plan was structured in a way that another member of the team Grainne and Sofiane will design the lead character and come up with the title for their game, which they agreed to call ‘Magic Shells’.
But Dillon and Alana didn’t go for the title and tried to change it to tally with the illustration of the lead character.
Unfortunately, things went the other way and they couldn’t impress gaming bosses at the world-famous Comic-Con exhibition in London.
While on their part, Team Nebula having Jessica Cunningham, Courtney Wood, Frances Bishop and Trishna Thakrar as teammates concluded to run with an intergalactic theme based on a multi-coloured badger lost in space.
The team’s plan favored then as they impressed the industry bosses and five out of seven of them said they would be interested in investing if the program was adjusted a little bit.
Sugar in his normal way after learning the outcome of the task called the Titans back into the boardroom and asked Sofiane to select the two people he’d like to join him. Sofiane went for Dillon and Grainne.
Sugar said: ‘Dillon, you’ve been labeled the creative person, but at the end of the day this wasn’t creative.
”You know what, Sof disregards instructions but you’re exactly the same I think. I think once you get something in your head, you’re not going to listen to anybody.
‘It’s not a case of hindsight, I keep hearing ‘had you had your time again, if you did this again, had you rethought it again and whilst you are a very, very, very nice person Dillon…I don’t think you have the potential to be my business partner.’

He continued ”It’s getting very, very close to the end now. Sofiane, you go on your own, you do your own thing…I’m finding it difficult that you are a potential winner, Sofiane you’re fired!’

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