I’m Not Officially Together With Jessica Cunningham, Says The Apprentice’s Courtney Wood

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The Apprentice Courtney Wood is not taking issues lightly with his lover, former colleague, and now CBB housemate Jessica Cunningham.

The Apprentice Courtney wood
Despite Wood accepting being in a relationship with Cunningham, he made it crystal clear that they are not officially together.

The Apprentice Courtney wood took to his Twitter handle to make the clarification after Jessica exhibited some characters in the Celebrity Big Brother house which he is not comfortable with.
The duo met in The Apprentice last year while filming the business reality show and that marked the beginning of their relationship, but producers banned from having sex in the house.
But surprisedly, Jessica made an unexpected confession about her crush on fellow housemate Calum Best just few days after she entered Celebrity Big Brother house which left many to wonder what was actually going on.
The Apprentice Courtney Wood wasn’t ready to take any of those and he took to his twitter handle to speak about the present state of his relationship with 29-year-old Jessica
He tweeted thus “Just to clear everything up, me and Jessica have been dating since the apprentice but are not officially together. It’s as simple as that, (sic)”
Before his recent tweet, The Apprentice Courtney Wood was already thrown aback when he saw Jessica flirting with Calum and even fought fellow housemate Chloe because of Best.
He told The Sun: “If anything more was to happen then we won’t be dating anymore,” “At the moment we are just in the dating stages but when you’re seeing a girl and find out she’s kissing someone else then ‘Nah’.”
However, before joining in the show last week, Jessica made known that she was not seriously dating Wood, see what she told new! magazine “We have a lot of fun and have an amazing connection and whatever happens, he’ll always be in my life.
“But I don’t know how the romantic side will develop and I don’t think you should put unnecessary pressure on it.”
Meanwhile, Jessica after spending some private time with Wood after The Apprentice ended admitted; “I’m so busy with the kids and my business and everything that when I see Courtney I love it because it feels so special.

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