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Could Kim Be Leaving Third Husband Kanye Because She Is Tired Of Taking Care Of Him?

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Kim's divorce
Last few days we published a report that Kim’s alleged cheating scandalCould Comedian Chris Rock Be Serious About Trump Cancelling The American Political Show 'Scandal'?. Read more ... » has wrecked havoc in her marriage and today, life Magazine is authenticating that report.

According to what life magazine reported on the issue, it was alleged that Kim’s divorce from her third husband Kanye West is like a loaded rifle waiting for its owner to pull the trigger.
The report alleged that the move for Kim’s divorce was because she couldn’t continue caring for her legally wedded husband and the father of her two kids Saint and North, mostly after his recent hospitalization.
According to a source who spoke to life magazine, he claimed that the state of Kim and Kanye’s marriage is terribly bad. Adding that the mother of two is allegedly “terrified” of husband Kanye, following his November hospitalization and she’s supposedly ready to file for divorce.
The source stated “This isn’t what Kim signed up for when she married Kanye. She’s done,”
The insider also claimed that Kim thinks that Kanye’s recent behavior is “hurting [her] brand” and is now “finished” with the musician and their marriage.
“[Kim is] ready to divorce him,” the insider alleged
Apart from Life, People also report about the intended Kim’s divorce. They said that Kardashian and West supposedly “kept their distance” from each other while celebrating the festive season with Kim’s family and allegedly “are not really getting along” as Kim’s divorce rumors continued to spread.
The insider also revealed that Kim and Kanye “barely spoke” to each other after he arrived late to Kris Jenner’s Christmas party.
Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have not officially commented on Kim’s divorce rumor.

Read recent report why Kanye West may be fed up with the marriage here.

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