Japanese Motoring Company Kawasaki Pulls Out From “The New Celebrity Apprentice” Over Trump’s Involvement

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Japanese motoring company, Kawasaki dumped The New Celebrity Apprentice over Donald Trump’s involvement as the executive producer which still entitles him a pay in the show.

Kawasaki dumped The New Celebrity Apprentice
Kawasaki Motors Corp USA is a unit of Japan’s Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. Kawasaki dumped The New Celebrity Apprentice on Wednesday, January 18, 2017, when the company announced it was ending its association with the show since Trump retained the position of an executive producer.

The Japanese motoring company enumerated that feedback from customers, unease among its executives, and a grassroots boycott campaign, informed its decision to no longer sponsor or take part in the show.
The company’s spokesman Kevin Allen stated “Once we understood the concerns of American citizens, we have taken the approach of agreeing not to participate in the show in the future as long as Mister Trump is involved as an executive producer,”
It was reported that Kawasaki dumped The New Celebrity Apprentice following the airing on Sunday of an episode in which contestants were asked to design a marketing campaign for a new Kawasaki motorbike.
The spokesman man further noted that the motoring company was not aware that Donald Trump would retain the executive producer title of when Kawasaki agreed to take part in the show under Schwarzenegger in 2016.
He also referenced the influence of the #grabyourwallet social media campaign, which requires Americans to stop shopping at about 70 companies that do business with Trump or his family, have advertised on “The Celebrity Apprentice,” or have contributed funds to his presidential campaign. This is serious!
Allen stated thus; “The concerns from our own customers, as well as the #grabyourwallet campaign did seize the attention of our executives,”
“Kawasaki was being asked, How could we support a show that was essentially created by Mister Trump and who was still involved?”
However, Arnold Schwarzenegger took over from Trump as host of “The Celebrity Apprentice” after he was elected US president, and just weeks into the show Kawasaki dumped The New Apprentice.

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