Love Island Stars Descend On Jodie Marsh after she Condemned Reality TV Stars For Having “Sex On TV”

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Former glamor model Jodie Marsh condemns sex on tv which has pitched her against Love Island reality stars.
Marsh came under attack after she commented on CBB Chole Ferry’s eviction, saying it was deserving.

Jodie Marsh condemns sex on tv
As Jodie Marsh Condemns sex on TV she said about Chole’s eviction last Friday night; “The public have spoken and they want classy.”

She also criticized Geordie Shore, Love Island and Ex On The Beach for not being “classy”, slamming them for having “sex on TV”.
But trust Love Island reality TV stars, they are now calling out on Jodie accusing her of hypocrisy and should stop being jealous over people’s personal lives.
Love Island ’s Kady McDermott and CBB’s Casey Batchelor took the first shot at her with McDermott tweeting; “I completely understand why people get offended with sex on TV, but on Love Island you never actually saw it.
“But when Jodie Marsh preaches about ‘class’ that’s when I have to step in.
“Biggest hypocrite on the earth. Good night lovelies.”
While for Casey, Jodie is simply jealous stating; “Shout out to the females that compliment each other. That jealousy s**t is dead.”
Jodie couldn’t allow their rants slip without her reply, then she tweeted: “Unfortunately I can’t entertain the kids anymore. I have grown up things to do. But this has been fun tonight Twitter.”
Geordie Shore’s Scott who has also appeared on Ex On The Beach was not left out of the rant, as he tweeted; “Proper legend…. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm Ps what’s going on with your toes in the last pic (sic)”
However, Jodie’s fan told Soctty that his remark was uncalled for, which made Jodie retweeted “I really am off now. My Kindle awaits. As always Twitter you are a massive source of amusement.”
Meanwhile, Olivia Buckland did not allow herself to be left out in the ‘war’ as she had earlier tagged Jodie as being judgemental.
She wrote; “Sitting on your high horse when you have no right to do so. How can you tweet about equality straight after slating others for life choices?
“If u choose equality for race & gender u chose it for sexuality, you chose it for people having freedom to be themselves and not be judged.”
Buckland further revealed that Jodie had blocked both her and her fiancé Alex Bowen.
Adding “Ok so me and @ab_bowen07 have just been blocked. @LoveIsland is our baby and I will stick up for it forever. Hey it found me my fiancé!
“Not only is @ LoveIsland my Bae. I [heart] reality TV. I love REALNESS. I love raw personalities. I hate judgemental people. Respect the hustle xx”
However as Jodie Marsh condemns sex on tv, many have supported her for standing out even as others said she shouldn’t be pointing fingers.


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