“The Middletons No Different to the Kardashians” – Emma Dent Coad MP -Says she doesn’t consider it a privilege to meet the Queen

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Kate and William’s new anti-monarchy local Labour MP has thrown a shed at the Middletons royal family by insisting they are no different to the American reality TV family- the Kardashians.

Emma Dent Coad MP whose Kensington constituency in London includes Kensington Palace, where Kate lives with Prince William seems to be among those not happy with the recent frequent public appearance of the Middletons, describing them as becoming like ‘film stars’.
Emma didn’t stop there, she went on to assert that the Beckhams would make more suitable Royals adding ‘they have earned their own money’

She said: ‘I say the Middletons are like the Kardashians now because they are such film stars. It just shows how much it has all changed, she continued ‘I would say if we are going to have princes and princesses then I would rather it was the Beckhams because they have earned their own money.’

However, Labour MP- Emma Dent Coad MP was saying all these shortly after Harper Beckham’s sixth birthday party was controversially held at Buckingham Palace at the invitation of Prince Andrew and the Duchess of York.

While addressing the anti-monarchist campaign group Republic on Saturday, 62-year-old Dent Coad, also waded in on the way task is spent on the Middletons royal family, she said it is despicable.
And for Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Emma stated ” A lot of the disaffected Tories who are so sprightly around the narrative of Kensington Palace have described the Cambridges as vulgar, which is hysterical really.’

Emma also made it known she would not consider it a privilege to meet the Queen. This remark was in relation to the monarch’s visit to Grenfell Tower after last month’s fire, she also revealed that when she was offered the chance to meet the monarch she turned it down.
At the event, MP revealed that she became a Republican in 2005 after Prince Harry was photographed dressed as a Nazi at a fancy dress party aged 20, stressing, ‘I have been called a revolutionist but I am not a revolutionist – well not yet anyway.’

Recall that she won the Conservatives at last month’s election by 20 votes, and her speech came the day before the Middletons returned to Wimbledon to watch the men’s finale in what was their 17th combined visit.
And according to Mailonline report on the same issue, 33-year-old Pippa, was at the event for the fourth time – while her brother James and father Michael have both been spotted at the tournament three times.
Also, 35-year-old Duchess of Cambridge, who was in the Royal Box with Prince William, has only been seen at Wimbledon twice this year and their mother Carole was there for the fifth time. And these according Emma Dent Coad MP amount to becoming ‘film stars’.


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  1. Maybe Emma Dent Coad MP was right…!!
    However Harper Beckham’s birthday party shouldn’t have arranged at Buckingham Palace.

  2. mbaochaben says:

    Thanks for your input

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