CBB UK Nicola McLean Under Attack For Opening Up About Training Her Kids To Lie And A Strange Car Game … As Her Husband Set To Embark On Rescue Mission In CBB House

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35 -year- old CBB UK Nicola McLean will never cease to surprise both her fellow housemates and Celebrity Big Brother fans.

CBB UK Nicola McLean
CBB UK Nicola McLean had been on news just a few days ago after she reportedly got drunk and began flirting with fellow housemate Jamie O Hara.

Now, she has come under attack after revealing she has trained her children to lie to her and her involvement in dangerous car game while driving.
CBB fans are already calling out on her, and are even detests the role she’s playing towards her children as a mother.
Some fans took to their Twitter handles to vent their anger, see their tweets below;
‘Nicola on #cbb “I play a game in the car where I leave it until the last possible moment to brake” wow v impressive much pride u boot.’
Another wrote ”You play a GAME to see how long you can leave it before you BRAKE when you’re driving?! Get the f**k off TV, you stupid t*t!”.
While another CBB viewer stated ”Nicola failed her driving test 9 times and has taught her kids to lie for her. Wonderful. #CBB.”
Earlier, CBB UK Nicola McLean had bragged about the game she plays as she was chatting with her fellow housemates.
She said ‘I’ve failed nine times my driving license. I can’t drive. I’ve even trained my kids to be able to lie for me.
So when Tom goes “Nicola you have got another dent in your car” I go to him “no”. I go, “well the boys have been with me!” and ask them “Did I crash?” and they go “no!”
She continued ”I do play a game with myself to leave it the latest possible time to brake.”
Her brag even made fellow housemate James Cosmo to ask her ”Is that a good idea Nicola? That seems a really strange game to play,” but unconcerned Nicola was busy with what she seems pleased to voice out.
However, it has been revealed that CBB UK Nicola McLean may have her footballer husband Tom Williams pay her a surprised visit in the house.
Tom who got married to Nicola in 2009 is said to be overly worried regarding the wife’s behaviour in the Cbb house.
The 36-year-old footballer is serious pushing to see if Celebrity Big Brother producers could let him into the house.
Remember that Cbb producers during the lunch revealed that more housemates will enter the house on Friday’s eviction show and Tom was said to have revealed he would be among the new housemates.
Daily Star in their report also confirmed this, they stated that a source told them that Tom was hoping to enter the house in order to confront his wife about her behaviour.

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