Fans Descend On CBB Bosses Over Austin Armacost’s Eviction, As Apprentice Jessica Cunningham, Others Join The Show

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The first Cbb eviction took place last Friday with Angie Best and unfortunate Austin Armacost were shown the exit door.

Cbb eviction Austin Armacost
Well, it is no longer news that last weekend’s Cbb eviction saw two housemates leave the show but the attack on the Cbb producers are now trending on social media.

Cbb eviction last Friday saw Angie Best leave based on public vote, while housemates were given the opportunity to vote for the dullest housemate and they voted Armacost out.
Fans are not taking this lightly, mostly the aspect that housemates were asked to vote out a fellow housemate and Armacost not having any best bit.
The embarrassing moment came when the show host Emma announced “Here are your best bits,” and then shouted, “Oh no we haven’t got any best bits!”
She then exhaled “Oh no Austin, I’m so sorry!”
After the Cbb eviction fans immediately took to their Twitter handles to spleen their anger, condemning the decision of the show producers as well as Armacost being voted out by housemates.
A former CBB star wrote: ‘Poor Austin! It’s horrible not having a proper eviction. Proper feel his pain #CBB.’
Another fan wrote ‘@BBUK well that backfired on the producers… I thought the public decided,’ tweeted @lucywillmeister.
Yet, another asked ”Emmm sorry what? @BBUK Austin the Dullest housemate?! What’s about James C, Jamie O’hara… #CBB.’
@itslisaj1 wrote: ‘#CBB #CBBUK Who goes, you decide? No, we didn’t. I think evictions should always be a public vote. Austin shouldn’t have gone.’
@georgiamscott also echoed those sentiments writing: ‘#CBB pay and vote to save Austin then 30 mins later he’s kicked out anyway #WasteYourTime2017 #CBBAustin [sic].’
After the Cbb eviction, Armacost challenged the claim against him by fellow housemates saying during his exit interview, “I’m not the dullest one in the house.Everyone knows that’s bulls**t.”
He also confessed that after Best’s eviction he had the feeling that the worst wasn’t over yet, but expressed surprise that he was the next victim.
While after his Cbb eviction he tweeted “I’m out now and have ALL the water I need!” posing with a bottle of mineral water.

What We Need To Know About CBB Eviction And Housemates Games

While everyone seems to have forgotten how the game is played, I wish to remind us that as a reality show, it comes up with surprises to make the show more lively.
Producers can introduce any trick (as in the case of asking housemates to vote out fellow housemate) in the game to always make it unpredictable and full of suspense that’s what makes it a game show.
You will agree with me that a reality show becomes more interesting when we don’t know the next thing that will happen.
On the part of the housemates, what did you expect?
A greater number of those who are always voted out or put up for eviction are those housemates considered to be potential threats and that was the curx of Armacost being voted out by housemates.
They must have considered him a threat and if being allowed to stay in the show he may go far, as such, they decided to vote him out.
Have you ever wondered why your favorite housemate is always not the winner of such reality show? Well, this is because even when you wanted him to succeed his fellow housemates don’t want same and they will always work against his success.
So we have to expect more surprises from Cbb eviction this weekend, and for Armacost, our heart goes to him.
Meanwhile, Apprentice star Jessica Cunningham, Geordie Shore star Chloe Ferry, and the How Clean Is Your House presenter, Kim Woodburn were the new housemates that joined the Cbb 2017.

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