Update on 2016-17 shows that were cancelled

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We had talked about renewed TV shows in an earlier post, here are additional canceled TV shows from 2016-2017.

canceled tv shows
The Girls
This HBO ‘The Girls’ is one of the canceled TV shows for 2017. The series which is from Lena Dunham ended in its season six.

Good Girls Revolt
Another canceled TV shows that will not see the light in 2017 is this Amazon TV series that see female researchers fight for equal treatment in 1969. The show ended after its second season.
NBC has also joined Grimm as one of the canceled TV shows. The network announced that season six of Grimm would have fewer episodes as such they announced that there won’t be a seventh season of the Friday night series.
Hand of God:
Sadly, this Amazon drama series has been canceled after two seasons.
Harvey Beaks
This animated kids series is also one of the canceled TV shows.Harvey is Nickelodeon TV show created by C.H. Greenblatt and it had 52 episodes and ended in season two.
Liv and Maddie
For fans of the Disney Channel Liv and Maddie show, Ron Hart has announced the cast and crew had completed the filming of season four, including the series finale.
The Living and the Dead
This BBC America series has joined the list of canceled TV shows. Although prior to the airing of the maiden season of ‘The Living and the Dead’ in the United States, it was announced that there wouldn’t be a second season of this supernatural drama.
Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man
Disney XD has announced that the fourth season of Spider-Man would be the end.
Masters of Sex
Remember that ‘Masters of Sex’ aired on Showtime for four seasons, and Less than a month after the fourth season finale aired, the network made known that it would also be the final series.
The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail 
The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail is also another canceled TV shows in 2017. The drama series on Central comedy ended in season three.
Pretty Little Liars
For lovers of the show ‘Pretty Little Liars’ sorry to tell you that the network Freeform has announced that season seven was the end of this drama series.
Prison High
Prison High is another canceled TV shows by MTV network. The new MTV boss announced the show has been canceled.
This SundanceTV show ended in season four which was renewed in July 2015, but after 6months, the network announced the show would end in season four.
Celebrity Name Game
Season three of this syndicated TV show hosted by Craig Ferguson was the end of the game show.
Comedy Bang! Bang!
This dramedy IFC mock talk show ended in season five after surviving 110 episodes.
Regular Shows
Are you expecting season nine of this cartoon? Well sorry to announce that Cartoon network has confirmed that the season eight was the end.
CW network has announced that the drama series ended in season four.
WGN America has placed this drama show as one of the canceled TV shows in 2017 after its third season, following a dramatic drop in the ratings year-to-year.
The Strain
‘The Strain’ is a horror TV show and the network FX, announced that the show ended in season four.
Stupid Man, Smart Phone
MTV is on the move to be revamped by the network as such, they are letting go of some shows and this UK series ‘Stupid Man, Smart Phone’ was among the canceled TV shows by MTV.
Switched at Birth
This interesting Freeform TV series happens to be a teen/family drama, and it was renewed for a fifth season in 2015, but in March 2016 it was announced that the fifth season will be the last. Surprisingly the episodes have been delayed till 2017.
Teen Wolf
What about this MTV series? Well, this comedy show is now tagged as one the canceled TV shows in 2017. It was announced in July 2016 that the sixth season would be the end.
The Vampire Diaries
Following years of decrease in rating, CW announced the show would end with a brief eight season.
Vice Principals
Remember that the show network HBO stated In July 2016, that all 18 episodes of the ‘Vice Principals’ will air for two seasons and the episodes have been completed so we are not hoping for season three.
Acting Out
This MTV show was one of the unfortunately canceled TV shows in 2017.
For ITV the season three of Broadchurch was the final season. The network announced this in April 2016.
With All Due Respect
This was a political talk show on Bloomberg TV which covered the 2016 US Presidential Election. You will agree with me that since the election has ended, there wouldn’t be any need for the show to continue, hence it has been pronounced one of the canceled TV shows in 2017.
Almost Impossible Game Show
Told you that MTV is scrapping unscripted shows and unfortunately, ‘ Almost Impossible Game Show has become among the canceled TV shows in 2017.
Black Sails
Black Sails is Starz TV drama culled from Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel Treasure Island and after the fourth season, the show went into extinction.
This Netflix TV series was revealed not to be continued by the network this September 2016. So we shouldn’t expect a season three.
Blunt Talk
Blunt Talk is another canceled TV shows in 2016 by Starz. The comedy TV series survived only two seasons and 20 episodes.
DCI Banks
This ITV crime drama TV series is another canceled TV shows in 2017. The show ended in season five while the final episode ended in October 2016.
Duck Dynasty
This A&E reality show ended in season 11 but we gathered that the family members may return in specials.
In April 2016, it was announced that the season five of the Showtime TV series was the end of the show.

Not canceled TV shows in 2017

Steve Harvey
Steve Harvey is among the series that were not totally canceled in 2017, although it/’s ending but the show is expected to return with a new talk show in the fall of 2017


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